View Full Version : On top of the world! (Quite literally)

02-07-08, 15:58

I'm so proud of this drawing, I think it's a bit amazing :D

02-07-08, 16:26
Great drawing! :cln:

02-07-08, 16:28
Wow it's a beautiful sketch! :tmb: :D

Alex Fly
02-07-08, 16:38
Definitely amazing ! :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
02-07-08, 18:51
He's quite the... feminine one. :vlol: :p

Seriously though, you've done a great job anatomically, for the most part; however, a common mistake I see all too often are misplaced belly buttons. Needs to be a little higher. Easily fixed, though. Nice work. :tmb:

02-07-08, 19:49
I am no artist by ANY means, S:cen:, I can't even carry a tune, but the abs are a little low, no? I do agree with, with her.

02-07-08, 19:54
Oof. That's very good, you've got talent there. The wrap around is abdomen is very well detailed and shaded. As for me I think the belly button could go a bit higher, but I still this is a great piece. Also, I love the shading on his face, how you made it look like his head was facing differently. :tmb:

02-07-08, 20:05
ooooooo :cln: very very nice. great artwork (anything with a nearly naked man works for me :whi:)

02-07-08, 20:21
Ooh! Very graceful :tmb:

03-07-08, 13:05
You should be proud of your drawing :tmb: :D

03-07-08, 14:26
Lovely artwork :tmb: Is it me, or is the cloth almost transparent? :cln:

03-07-08, 16:25
Lovely artwork :tmb: Is it me, or is the cloth almost transparent? :cln:

:p he-he-he :D

Thanks everyone! I'll fix all the things you mentioned abs, belly buttons and all! :)