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03-09-03, 07:17
hey guys remember when i told i had new litter
of kitten well they all died so fast where vet
couldn't even save if i had taken kittens to the
vet he they all had flv a cat disease to that
no cure for six weeks old they got from their
mom and now autumn has also oreo my said it
to late for autumn since autumn was stray that
outside for nine years wouldn't even inside
a friend gave autumn to and now my vet i can't
spayed because make through surgey and won't
out surgey as healthy cat and he want take autumn
oreo to take care them so i don't watch another
my cats die even know this is going sound rude or
cold i know might spam but i have to wait three
whole before i can another kitten please flame
man a bad week..plus i trust my vet he know what
he doing and since autmn has so disease plus flv
so does oreo my vet will take real care autumn
oreo yes i know vet going to do since autumn so
sick and he told there no way she can get better

03-09-03, 10:30
No offense,but use punctuation so what you saying is quite understandable.

Anyhow,I feel bad to hear that your kitties died.

03-09-03, 10:44
I am so sorry to here this. I have lost a cat to feline Lukemia and it broke my heart. I feel for you, I am truly sorry. Are they going to uthenize Autumn?(Put her to sleep)

03-09-03, 20:09
Aw Kittykat, that's really sad! Up to last summer I had 4 cats but my 2 oldest cats, affectionately referred to my as 'my old men', died within a few weeks of each other. I then got really twitchy about my 'girls', themselves no spring chickens! They're fine. Sorry about your cats. I believe your vet has said not to have more cats to allow for the virus to be eradicated from your home environment (sorry, difficult to read your post)? Remember to listen to that advice otherwise you'll end up with more heartbreak. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

04-09-03, 06:32
sorry guys i just was upset and i will learn
to use puctuation next time post .
but my vet want me to wait three whole months
before i get two new kittens

Mr Matt_J_Davis44
04-09-03, 06:46
I never come to this topic again, my cats all died too now we have a bird SO VERY sorry though (Sorry about caps but cats really mean something to me !) Cheers Matt