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03-07-08, 03:13
I have the biggest crush on basketball player Allen Iverson, so I decided to let my dream come true and draw myself in the arms of my beloved :D
Haven't done anything in a while so I know I'm rusty.. and my shading sucks :o


comments and (constructive) criticism are more than welcome.

Lara's Backpack
03-07-08, 03:27
its very artistic! Its very well drawn good work

03-07-08, 10:17
Ooh lala Silvana :cln: Nice sketching! He looks lost in you :D :tmb:

03-07-08, 11:38
Very Artistic :tmb: :cln:

03-07-08, 14:06
Ooh lala Silvana :cln: Nice sketching! He looks lost in you :D :tmb:

Well, a girl can still dream, right? :rolleyes:

Thanks guys :)

Alex Fly
03-07-08, 15:00
Beautiful ! :)

03-07-08, 15:13
very nice :)
fancy drawling lindsay lohan in my arms? lol

03-07-08, 16:06
:D Now we know what happens at night. :mis:

Great piece Silvana. :tmb:

03-07-08, 17:37
:D Now we know what happens at night. :mis:


Thanks for the comments :)

03-07-08, 19:06
I love the shadow! Very good! :tmb:

04-07-08, 00:03
The picture I posted was the first I've made in a long time. I had so much fun doin this one that I just couldn't stop. I was trying to experiment a little with colors. Not much, since I'm still a little scared :o


I love her turquoise body in the classics, it's one of my favorite colors. And I really love to see her in high-heels, that's why I didn't let her wear regular boots. I was gonna make her wear the shorts, but it just looked dumb with the heels, so I erased them, lol.

As always, comments and criticism are desired ;)

04-07-08, 00:05
Oh I'm loving it. Lara in a pair of sultry heels and perhaps less makes my day! :p :D

04-07-08, 00:06
Amazing work! great job ;)

dexter void
04-07-08, 00:26
beautiful and expressive work!