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Jedd Fletcher
03-07-08, 05:12
Gotham's Guardian (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Gotham-s-Guardian-90506554)

With all the hype surrounding The Dark Knight, I really wanted to draw Batman wearing that particular suit. However, I myself think it's a little too busy, so instead I created a conceptual Batsuit and combined elements from the suit in Batman Begins and the new one in The Dark Knight to form a rugged-looking, armour-plated Batsuit, with a nomex/kevelar bi-weave undersuit visible. This was one of the most fun pieces I had colouring, and the details weren't easy to draw in, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

Lara's Backpack
03-07-08, 07:36
Its good, but he seems to be rather lacking between the legs :p

03-07-08, 10:18
Good work, you drew the details of his costume pretty well :tmb: I'd ask to make his torso longer, though ;)

03-07-08, 11:41
Well done Jedd!! :tmb: I love your work :rolleyes:

03-07-08, 11:43
Its good, but he seems to be rather lacking between the legs :p

LOL - Other than that, it's sweet, nice details. :tmb:

Jedd Fletcher
04-07-08, 02:46
Thank you so much! My brother told me that the codpiece is meant to be separate from the legs in terms of armour anatomy, so something got lost in translation there I guess.

04-07-08, 14:59
Hey, Jedd- love the sketch!

Very well detailed- the chest plate, symbol and body armour look awesome. :tmb:

I guess I have to agree with you somewhat- when I first saw the suit I was very skeptical.

But for me, this is a batsuit that is best seen at night-time-
the dark black chevlar will really look cool and shadowed during Bruce's nocturnal exploits. :D

In the dark parts of the trailers, the shading seems to get in between all the separate pieces of armour, leaving the recesses dark and the exposed edges highlighted.
It makes the suit come to life more, and just looks really cool.

But in full daylight, when Batman's interrogating the Joker, it might look a bit 'busy' as you said. :tmb:

This is my fave pic that's been released so far that seems to capture that dark-deco, neo-noir effect that Nolan's trying to capture:




Wow I went off on a bit of a tangent there, lol :D
Great work Jedd, I think your pics are really sweet- keep it up! :tmb:

04-07-08, 20:00
Great job looks really good :tmb:

Jedd Fletcher
05-07-08, 02:11
Thank you Earthcane and Autolycus! Yeah, when the dark parts get the armour blended in it ends up looking much better. Costume designer Lindy Hemming said how Bruce gets the new Batsuit would be "an important plot point". Wonder what that might be?