View Full Version : Why should Thunderbirds get all the good Vehicles ?

The Great Chi
03-07-08, 08:34
My movie.... :D


Legend Killer
03-07-08, 10:24
Well done Chi! :tmb:

What was that green thing attacking?

03-07-08, 13:21
total genius. :D

03-07-08, 13:32
Nice work G.C. :D

03-07-08, 14:31
Lovely video :D
How did you get the UPV on Madubu Gorge?

03-07-08, 15:18
Hahah amazing vid! You're truly the Great Chi! :tmb: :D

03-07-08, 15:28
What was that green thing attacking?

It's a poisonous lizard.
Nice video. I like how she is surfing on the UPV :D

The Great Chi
03-07-08, 15:29
Lovely video :D
How did you get the UPV on Madubu Gorge?I used a program called Fexmerger, which moves the UPV into the Madubu Gorge level, and you will note when the green things attack (poison spitting Lizards) then she will freeze in a funny attacked posture :D

If you want to read more about this modified level and see photos, you will find it in my old thread...

Hoverboarding down the Madubu Gorge
link .... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=125353

03-07-08, 17:16
I swear to you, The great Chi ,I start to think that your keyboard is customized in this way:

http://i31.************/1r5k6u.jpg :cln::jmp::D
You are drooling now, isn't it??? :D:D

I warched your videos the other day and I like a lot this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSdlkZz7Sa0 ;):D

The Great Chi
03-07-08, 18:57
I am glad you enjoyed the videos, Tampi :D