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03-07-08, 18:30
Here are two drawings of mine. Please show some clemency, I'm still experimenting with my paintings. I actually liked those two, so I'd like to post them here.



And a close up:


I drew the flower with a pencil and I used the shavings the pencil sharpener left behind to rub some surfaces...
I'm actually more proud of my geisha...I drew it with a cheap rollerball pen in the classroom, while the teacher was lecturing to ancient Greek...:D.There's more coming up (hope this isn't a threat for you). ;)

EDIT: I just noticed her right hand is a little creepy...but nevermind.
Please comment.

03-07-08, 19:47
Look nice...
I love that flower... Very beautifull...

Nice job

03-07-08, 20:36
I totally love the style of your geisha. It kinda looks like fashion design. If you know how to color with photoshop or other programs, I think you should definitely try that. :tmb:

04-07-08, 04:26
Nice drawings! The drawing of the woman looks like a concept art :D :tmb:

Indiana Croft
04-07-08, 04:29
I really like the lady u drew. Very nice:) And u draw flowers flawlessly

04-07-08, 06:22
You're good!! :D
I appreciate your works :D