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04-07-08, 11:22
Hey all,

within a few days i've been making a 7 minutes soundtrack for one chapter of my book 'Tomb Raider: Journey To Avalon. The chapter is called: Zuid-Afrika (South-Africa).

The soundtrack tells a story of Lara who discovers a temple in South-Africa. She gets attacked by tigers, after that the entrance to the temple collapses and Lara managed to get inside. She walks through the dark corridors and then she discovers a huge room with a 6-armed statue (like in the TR Movie) after a time it awakens and Lara narrowly escapes by getting out of the temple and diving off a waterfall.

The exact time is: 7:45 minutes :cln: (7.61 MB :p)

NEW Download available below:

DOWNLOAD (OLDER, LESS HIGH QUALITY VERSION) (http://www.sendspace.com/file/vynast)
DOWNLOAD (NEWEST, CD HIGH QUALITY VERSION) (http://www.sendspace.com/file/jtumut)

04-07-08, 15:24
Feedback anyone :O?

04-07-08, 18:25
Well, sorry :o but I was too lazy to make downloads (especially of music) :o, but I downloaded the music a few minutes ago and this music is great. :jmp: Actually I'm a big fan of ambiental music. I just have one question for you. Will you share your fic with us someday? :)

04-07-08, 18:26
I'll try it when I get home sweety:hug:. It's 4th of July, I;m a bit busy ;)

05-07-08, 17:06
I finetuned the score abit, sounds better at some points now.

05-07-08, 19:02
(a newer version)
Well done! I like it! :tmb:
Which programe did you use? Or is it keyboard? :confused:

And are you going to translate your ff to english someday?... :D

05-07-08, 20:34
great songs... i like them both... well done....

i'm as curious as Monari on what you used to make the songs

06-07-08, 14:04
Not bad not bad at all :)

Like Troels however there is one in element in particular that I'm not crazy about which are the drums. I don't think they suit TR that much but regardless, great track with good production value. :)

29-10-08, 20:40
thanks for your compliments:D

30-10-08, 12:39
Sorry, the file you requested is not available.:confused: