View Full Version : Need help! Removing Win32.PolyCrypt.d

04-07-08, 18:31
Can someone show me how to remove this virus? I just got a warning of it infecting my system files and I need a guide to remove it as soon as possible :(.


04-07-08, 19:41
>boot in safe mode and run full system AV scan (http://free.avg.com/) and spyware scan (http://lavasoft.com/single/trialpay.php)
>when finished, please run and post a report of ardiag.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/ardiag.exe)

BTW, what does the error message look like? What application is giving you this message? It may be a rouge application trying to get you to download a virus. (happens a lot)

04-07-08, 19:50
I'll do that tomorow, right when I turn my pc on. Now the virus isn't doing anything because my AV probably blocked it for now.

It was AVG free 8.0 that detected the virus (my mom just doesn't buy AntiVirus...)
I don't remember the mensage well, It was something like:

Warning! Win32.PolyCript.D is trying to modify
?System volume configuration\[folder\file]? (<--something like that thing)

Thanks so far ^.^