View Full Version : Memory Card on Ps2 won't cooperate with Tomb Raider!!!

05-07-08, 10:04
Heya guys I bought Last Revelation PAL version for an Australian Ps2 (don't know how its relevant but I want to be very clear) and when I try to save it says "Please check that a memory card is inserted"....a memory card IS inserted but it won't cooperate with this game. Tried it with Grand Theft Auto and the memory card works. What's wrong???

05-07-08, 14:50
GTA might be a PS2 game, and TR:LR is a PS1 game, PS1 games cannot be saved on PS2 memory cards, and PS2 games cannot be saved on PS1 memory cards.
the only solution is to buy a PS1 memory card. :wve:

Legend of Lara
05-07-08, 14:54
Yeah... PS1 games only work with PS1 Memory Cards, and PS2 games only work with PS2 memory cards, not vice versa. :wve:

06-07-08, 10:12
Thanks guys!! Much appreciated! I just bought one off ebay since I cant buy them in shops anymore...