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05-07-08, 13:23
I can't download any Soundtracks from tombraiderchronicles.com
It allways says: Too man y connections! Please try again later!
And I tryied many times, but it douesn't work.
Does anyone know a solution for that problem?

05-07-08, 14:00
Welcome :wve:

You have to download the ZIP files

Sir Croft
05-07-08, 15:08
TRC has been this way for some time I guess, it's not only in the soundtrack section, but in the Anniversary cinematics section as well. I don't think there's a way you can fix that.

06-07-08, 00:08
Which soundtrack are you wanna download????
Maybe there is another site that i know of or we know of, that has the same...

When downloading something in the Vista section, it sais the same, so i gave up on that... :p

06-07-08, 01:30
It just simply means exactly what it says, there are too many connections (to the server) at the current moment. This is done to keep the server accessible at a decent rate to everyone. When you get that message, just wait a while and try again.

A normal connection to view a web page will last only as long as it takes for the HTML, PHP, or ASP page to be delivered from the server to your browser. However, when there is media streaming happening, the connection takes as long as it takes for that media file to download into embeded media player in your browser. And a possibly even longer connection will occur when downloading files such as sound tracks and what not. Obviously the slower a persons connection speed is, the longer the connection will stay open..

06-07-08, 09:17
Well, if there are TO many connections to that server for a long time (lets say..... 5 hours), or maybe even days, since i couldn't manage to still download in that section....
I just can't get in....

07-07-08, 18:14
i wanna download the credits theme of Tomb Raider Legend...

07-07-08, 19:44
perhaps Justin can set up a "download queue" on a first come-first serve basis.

to be honest though, I'm not overly positive if there is a genuine issue on his end or not, it might be possible that he is doing some behind the scenes work and has all download requests directed to that message for the time being. I just checked a couple of downloads and got the same message myself.

Edit: soundtracks are downloading for me, but not the Vista section downloads for demos.

07-07-08, 19:54
perhaps Justin can set up a "download queue" on a first come-first serve basis.

It is already set up like that, I believe. Just be patient and try it again later - if the problems persist then send a PM to Justin (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=7).

07-07-08, 20:01
I think the server is run also by what I call *Size Matters*. The server will refuse people downloading the major big files (use to bandwidth/download amounts etc) and let people downloading the smaller files through.

Also I think a queue system would be good, like some major websites do, you just wait until the download begins, while its updates you on how long to wait.