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06-07-08, 23:09

I've made this song..
Which is a ambient sound track...

Normal Stream:
Ambient Sound Track (http://a2.nupload.net/s/Oht)

Ambient Sound Track (http://www.sendspace.com/file/vtn92n)

I hope you like it and please comment about this, since i'm planning to make more...

Both on Sendspace
SECOND SONG (http://www.sendspace.com/file/txxuye)

THIRD SONG (http://www.sendspace.com/file/lbja4n) = still a WIP

06-07-08, 23:27
Very mellow and soothing. I likes :)

07-07-08, 00:36

Hope there will be more like you to say that....

07-07-08, 00:41
Can you upload it on www.sendspace.com I can't seam to get it...

07-07-08, 00:45
I really liked that, very fond of ambient music myself. One complaint I have is honestly of personal preference - if it could have the melody in a format other than trance/hardcore/dance, I think it might work better as ambient. As it is, I think it's more suited to the chillout genre. Still good work though. :)

07-07-08, 07:29
Can you upload it on www.sendspace.com I can't seam to get it...

It's uploaded for the ones who can't stream the first oe to sendspace.....
Check the first post again Christi..

07-07-08, 21:12
Late reply...I thought it was beautiful!! I might have a few jbs for you...to make audio for my team's levels...

07-07-08, 21:52
I enjoyed that, except the middle part which is a bit too repetitive, but that's how ambient musics are, right? :)
Anyway, if you're planning to do more, you should do it. You have good skills for this. (can't find another way to say in English "tens jeito para isto" =P)

07-07-08, 22:20
I'm allready trying to make something a litlle bit different.. Also slow, but with something spooky in it... When it's done, i'll upload it straight away;....

Hope you guys like that too...

08-07-08, 10:45
I love the music :tmb: :D

08-07-08, 22:16
Second and third song are uploaded and put in the first post....
Be aware that the third song is still a WIP.. Need some editing.