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07-07-08, 18:38
hi i have a wii console but i have just one control... the one that comes with the game... well i was just thinking on getting another one, but,.. i just dont know exactly if i just need to buy the wii controller or both including the nunshuck... if i buy only one... may i be able to use it with out the other one?,...

i want to play Resident evil umbrella chronicles, and since in the game, one dont really have to move that much, i was thinking on byuying first the controller ... and some time later the nunshuck,.. but i dont know if thats smart,...

some help would be appreciated

07-07-08, 19:18
AFAIK all controller parts are interchangeable. As in, you do not need to have a specific nunchuck for a specific controller.

07-07-08, 19:32
i'm not exactly sure wht you're asking but i can tell you that the nunchuk makes the game easier. plus there's so many other cool games that require it. you should definitely get one. and yes, all controller parts are interchangeable. i have three controllers and one nunchuk although i'm not entirely sure how that happened. :D the nunchuk works with all of them.

07-07-08, 20:36
let me make myself clearer,.. i want to play RE:UC with a friend of mine,.. but i only have one nushuck and one controller,.. so i was thinking on buying another controller only,.. (for the time being) will i be able to play RE:UC with out problems, with only one nunshuck and 2 controllers?...

i know 2 nunshucks would be optimal,.. but i dont have the money now,.. and i want to play as soon as posible,.. besides once i get to another game i may get as well another nunshuck,...


07-07-08, 20:48
does the game manual say that you need to have the nunchuck to play? If not, then I see no reason why should have to have it.

07-07-08, 21:03
no, you should have no problem then. :) just get another wiimote and get playing.

08-07-08, 16:39
cool,.. ill try it later then,.. i havent read the booklet,... but this weekend ill try to get the controller for the game and play it with it only until i get more money..;)...

08-07-08, 18:34
If you are going to buy a wii-mote you are better off getting the game Wii Play, its a pack with a wii-mote and a copy of a game called Wii Play.

Wii Play is a game that contains 9 mini games that use the motion sensing capabilities of the wii-mote.

It does not cost much more than a wii-mote on its own so in my opinion worth it. You will need to get a nunchuck in the future if you want to play two player games that require both.

Details about Wii Play Here (http://www.shopto.net/page.php?page=dettagli&codart=WIIPL00&n=Wii%20Play&p=WII)