View Full Version : 'Viva Forever Lara' Video

The Great Chi
07-07-08, 21:28
Watch as Lara fly dances her way within the inaccessable Boat cutscene of Atlantis, using the TRA flight tool to fly and using Texmod to create her baby blue outfit :D

Music is by my all time favorite Spice Girl's song 'Viva Forever'

Look out for the 'gliding turns' effect in segment 0.32 seconds onwards, I am really pleased how that move goes with the music.

Link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7U5hygd-I4

08-07-08, 10:35
Nice Video G.C.!! XD

09-07-08, 15:51
So romantic....... :cln::D
Lara swimming "heavenly" in the sky :)