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08-07-08, 04:50
My grandma passed away a week ago...today was the funeral, and I made a poem for her. And I would like to share it :) I got teary eyed when I wrote it as well.

You were lucky to see us grow up.
But you didn't see us grow up too fast.
You were the greatest grandma
In the future all the way back into the past.

When you died it was hard to say goodbye,
But now your'e at peace with God and Jesus.
Even though I knew you wern't suffering,
Saying goodbye to you torn me into pieces.

Just like your own mother,
You were a very strong person.
You took care of all of us
From your daughters all the way to your grandsons.

Now that your'e in Heaven,
You get to feel the hands of your mother,
hear the howl of midnight again,
and even see the face of your father.

Just like my great grandma,
you have taught me many lessons like giving and sharing.
Also, there had been many funny moments
like when you caught me swearing.

Now, I promise you...
I will always love you if we are together or apart.
And most importantly, Heaven or Earth....
You will always be in our hearts.

R.I.P. Ana Nohemi Mora
7/29/51 - 6/29/08

08-07-08, 05:02
Wow...that is a very beautiful poem. It radiates with warmth and emotion.
And my deepest condolences as well. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem and i hope you feel better :hug:. :)

Rachel Croft
08-07-08, 06:39
Very nice. my condolences to you as well, and may you live your life to its fullest.

08-07-08, 08:56
nice poem. my condolences ....

08-07-08, 09:23
Very nice poem!! :D

Legend Killer
08-07-08, 09:49
Its a beautiful poem. Condolences to you and your family there for your loss.

08-07-08, 10:16
Nice poem :) My condolences