View Full Version : AVI to DVD?

08-07-08, 21:43
Any free apps to burn or at least convert from AVI or other video format to DVD, without leaving a watermark?

Seems none of the apps I have tried can do it. Actually, I am trying to help a buddy of mine out. His Nero will only copy DVD's but not Burn from a different video format. Infrarecorder doesn't know how to either. So I am really looking to easily convert to DVD format for free with out a watermark.

08-07-08, 22:23
Did you try these ? :)

Kibisoft (http://www.kibisoft.com/)

ConvertXtoDVD 3.1.2 (http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3415-convertxtodvd.html)

I doubt you'll have any watermark, but just check :)

08-07-08, 22:55
spanks, I downloaded the second one from that list as well as Sothink DVD creator (http://www.sothinkmedia.com/movie-dvd-maker/index.htm) that I managed to find.

On his laptop, its gonna take like 3 hours to burn using Sothink, I told him if it dont work right, check the other one out that I downloaded.