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Jedd Fletcher
09-07-08, 06:12
I've been wanting to draw Superman's lil' but lovely and kickass cousin for some time, and having a look at lil-artizt's (TRLegend Luver on the forums) Michael-Turner inspired Supergirl drawing really spurred me on. So here it is. Many people have been telling me to work more on my shading, so I hope it shows in this piece. The main problem I have with this piece is her mouth, which I tried hard to get right but got slanted a wee bit in the end. Anyway, Enjoy!

Supergirl (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Supergirl-91120618)

Comments and constructive criticism always inivited.

Indiana Croft
09-07-08, 06:22
Wow, ur really good. I c ur a fellow DC fan:D

09-07-08, 09:41
I love your supergirl drawing :cln:

09-07-08, 09:50
Great work! :D The coloring is fantastic :tmb:

Legend 4ever
09-07-08, 10:53
She is really cute. Love the torso.

Jedd Fletcher
09-07-08, 12:08
Thank you for the lovely comments, please keep them coming! Thanks Legend4ever, I like drawing toned tummies, bare abdomens also give me a chance to use more of my skin tone colouring.

Yes Indiana, I am quite the DC fan but I can't seem to wrap my head around some storylines (DC One Million, Crisis on Infinite Earths etc). I'm mainly a Batman fan at heart, which started from Batman Begins, the The Animated Series and Justice League, later I knew more DC characters from Justice League Unlimited. But ultimately most of my drawings are in my own style.

09-07-08, 13:07
Very cool! :)

09-07-08, 14:24
Good job :tmb:

Jedd Fletcher
10-07-08, 03:17
Thanks as always! I'm nearing my 110th Deviation and am pretty excited about that.

10-07-08, 09:56
nice :)

10-07-08, 23:05
This has to be one of your best yet, Jedd- if you don't mind me saying. :tmb:

Great balance of tone and colour, really great! :tmb:

I've always been a fan of Kara- she's just that right mix of American sass and charm. :D
(Would have liked to see more of her in Countdown, though. :o)

Jedd Fletcher
11-07-08, 04:12
Thank you! I absolutely don't mind, in fact I'm delighted. It's very nice to hear encouraging comments. The right mix of American sass and charm- that's exactly how I feel about Kara too! I don't follow much of her storyline, but I like the way she was portrayed in the DCAU, even if she was a little childish at first.

12-07-08, 05:40
Good job, Jedd, nice work! :tmb: ;)

12-07-08, 19:53
Great work love the colours :tmb: