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09-07-08, 10:36
Hi all:)

I made some drawings using a program called gimp, and decided to share them with you all:)
I'm not very familiar with photoshopping, and the only reason that (In my opinion) the pictures I made worked out, is probable because I worked very long it, with my eternal patience:P
Don't even know how long it took to made it, but lets say: It took me less time to complete tomb Raider Legend:P
So, here they are:)
I hope you like them, this is the very first work ever, that I made, and posted on the internet, so be nice:p
(Nah, constructive criticism is very welcome;))


What I did with these pictures, (That is what they were before I manipulated them, is going over them with the smudge brush, very carefully, like you would do with a real paintbrush, it takes hours, but it gives the picture a painting-ish look.

So, now that I have shown my photo drawing, I invite you all to show what you can do with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program!(G.I.M.P)

And for everyone who wants to try GIMP, but does not already have it:
It's an Open Source program, an can be downloaded legal, and for free: here (www.gimp.org)

For bigger versions of the pictures click here (http://i36.************/1z3xrpx.jpg) and here (http://i38.************/vzu8fc.jpg).

And for everyone who would like to try some photo-manipulation, but does not have a fun picture to do it with: Click here (http://www.sxc.hu)
A site where you can get high quality digital photo's for free:)

Original pictures can be found here (http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=download&id=627570) and here (http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=download&id=860460).

09-07-08, 10:45
It's very nice...very realistic! :cln: :tmb: :D

Legend 4ever
09-07-08, 11:33
Wow, really good. It looks like it was done with hand. :)

Dunno, the lighting is good, the colors are fine, I really can't find any flaws...

09-07-08, 11:55
Actually it ís done by hand.
Well, with a computer and mouse actually, but by smudging all the colors very carefully and in the right directions it does get a painting like look.
So it is done by hand, digital, but still done by hand.

09-07-08, 13:46
Nice :tmb: I like the colours!

09-07-08, 15:31

Made a picture of my cat in the garden and inverted the colors:p
I liked the effect it gave, so maybe I am going to make this one paint-like too:)

09-07-08, 15:39
WOW! those are amazing! :tmb:

09-07-08, 19:51
:eek::eek: omg i sooo wanna touch that loll :D

09-07-08, 20:08
The cute cat?

10-07-08, 12:00
And here are the textless versions of my new logo made with Gimp:)


10-07-08, 12:23
Very good work, did you use a pen tablet?

10-07-08, 12:36
No, I don't have a pen-tablet.
I'm going to buy a Wacom tough:)
Don't know if a wacom would work as good as a real pencil, but it couldn't be worse to handle then a mouse:p