View Full Version : im not sure how to do this....

10-07-08, 11:22
Hi guys, Im going back into hospital for a bit and im letting my sister use my pc while im in there but i wanna put a lock on some folders like my Uni work etc so she doesnt delete it (shes very good at doing thiings by accident)

Is there a way of locking a folder?

Thanks in advance :hug:

10-07-08, 11:51
1. Create a separate user account for her and give only basic rights (if you have Administrator rights, give her User rights only).

2. Run Windows Explorer, go to Service > Folder settings > View tab and untick "Use basic common access to files" option, press OK button.

3. Right click every folder you need to "hide" from her and select Properties, go to Security tab and give Full access right to your own account and SYSTEM account, kill any rights for your sister account created in pos.1 Press OK.

Voila! :)