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10-07-08, 20:59

I have this problem.
I live in Belgium and my talk buddy lives in America...

Now we talk or messege to each other during E-mail, but that is so slow and getting boring....

Since msn doesn't work, we've decited to do it that way..

Anyways, is there a program, that work in some way like MSN, but isn't msn itself, since that didn't work for some reason....

Thanks in advance...

10-07-08, 21:06
How about Aim (http://dashboard.aim.com/aim)?

10-07-08, 21:13
Tryed that, but didn't work either: for both...

10-07-08, 21:17
Theres lots of im things u can use, Skype,Yahoo,Aim and Myspace im

10-07-08, 21:25
Yeah, Skype is pretty good for IM chat - and if you both have microphones and speakers/headset, you can have voice conversations.

10-07-08, 21:27
Skype isn't an option, since he doesn' have a mic....
Yahoo IM never heard of.. *checking out*

10-07-08, 21:31
Skype isn't an option, since he doesn' have a mic....
Yahoo IM never heard of.. *checking out*

You don't have to have a mic for regular text chat.

10-07-08, 22:00
Can you also do that with skype????
Okay... Try that one out....

10-07-08, 22:06
^yep, just found that one out myself. Jo and I use it to chat, neither one of us has a mic.

It really all depends on what dictionaries the applications are capable of using. For instance, the one that Jo uses - ends up putting little boxes at the end of the message.


Just checked and skype has a butt load of dictionaries it can use. you should probably both set them to English (if that is what you both read) for best results - or try other configuration to see what best suits your needs

11-07-08, 06:20
For regular text chat you can use QIP (http://qipim.com/en/) - Free, small, ad-less ICQ client.