View Full Version : the REAL Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

11-07-08, 00:21
Aahhh, now THIS is what we should have seen when the first movie came out.



Tina Croft
11-07-08, 00:30
exactly, i share your opinion. it disappointed me so much, that they didn't use Lara's real outfits in the movie, but other ugly outfits...

great work on those pictures! :tmb: she looks much more like Lara now.

11-07-08, 00:31
I agree, instead they dressed her in black to i dont know fit trends lmao

Love these pics alot more

11-07-08, 00:41
i prefer the original :p


11-07-08, 00:42
Thank you both, and I agree as well.

A simple color change would have really made the movie feel somewhat more like Tomb Raider. Its only a palette swap but still, I think it would have made the movie feel more like the game, even if she wore it in the beginning during the training.

Glad you guys like :D

Yeah Aphrodite what they went with definetly fits more with how Angie portrayed Lara, but as TR fans I do think we could agree the classic look would have been more asthetically(?) pleasing.

11-07-08, 00:52
i prefer the original :p


Looks nothing like lara looks like a goth person all she needs is eyeliner lmao

Jedd Fletcher
11-07-08, 04:09
Personally, I do think they should have included one of two game outfits, but the original poster really does sell the fact that she is one tough, hot action gal. Also, I prefer the new logo. It has a unique mix of ancient aesthetic and high-tech shinyness. Anyway, nice work on the manip.