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11-07-08, 14:59
My mic is making everything that i record all fuzzy and sound weird i tryed playing with the settings but that only makes it worse HELP.

could some record those songs for me and give me the downlowed link

if someone could get the songs for me that would be good but make shure they are WMM compatiable
here is the songs that i want




11-07-08, 16:58
What exactly are you trying to record?

11-07-08, 17:07
Why record when you can download the video and use the original sound track from the video...

What you need:

Codecs (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_lite_codec_pack.htm)
Youtube Downloader (http://www.download.com/YouTube-Downloader/3000-2071_4-10647340.html?hhTest=1&part=dl-10647340&subj=dl&tag=button)
AviDemux (http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/)

What you do:

Install Codecs
Use youtube downloader to download the video by entering the URL of the video's page
Use the tools convert utility to convert it to AVI format
Open the video in AviDemux
In the drop down box for Audio on the left, choose WAV PCM
Go to the "Audio" menu at the top
Drop down to save
Enter a name such as "angel.wav" (you have to manually enter the extension)


11-07-08, 19:16
well i cant downlowd on my computer my dad gets way mad so can anyone record or get the songs for me

11-07-08, 19:18
^ Why then? :confused: It's nonsense...
Just install a good antivirus... and download from safe locations.

11-07-08, 19:26
he still says no i quess i have to quit the music video on youtube stuff never mind

11-07-08, 19:49
wow, I just figured out the AviDemux can actually work with flv movies! I didn't even need to throw that conversion step in there!

youtube songs.zip (http://www.filefactory.com/file/de8ac0/n/youtube_songs_zip)