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11-07-08, 20:24
Hi tech support,
I'm administrator on my PC, and I've created a limited account for another user.
This user would like to be able to change i.e. desktoptheme, startpage for browser etc.
Is there a way I can arrange this for that user, and if not, is there a way I can do it myself for the other user?
Many thanks for your efforts.

11-07-08, 20:40
EscondeR may know a registry edit for that purpose. But may I ask why you chose that type of account? I mean really all that having that type of account does is limit those types of things that you mention. They will still be able to see the full contents of the drive (minus other user's accounts) - but that is the case with all account types.

I personally don't get that type of account to be honest. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather let them change their views and what not and cut off access to the file system.(basically the opposite of the way it is)

11-07-08, 20:51
Well, the user had a normal account at first. But since a few days the account seems unaccessable, and automatically loaded some kind of default. What exactly occurred I don't know since I wasn't present at that time. I could not find out how to get the account back although it was still listed. To be sure I did some thorough cleaning, but it did not help. I suspect it was some kind of program or some site that was visited that created the problem, so I thought to have a go with a restricted account. If there are ways to get the restrictions applied with a normal account, that would be fine too, but I'm not so experienced in that.

11-07-08, 20:56
what restrictions in specific do you want?

11-07-08, 21:00
For one, I'd like to prevent installing new software, and generally setings that would affect the other accounts. Can't be more specific, I haven't given the matter that much thought yet.

11-07-08, 21:01
Linux can do that.

to be honest, I can't remember if restricted users are allowed to install software or download things or not. One thing that you might want to look into though is Deep Freeze (http://www.faronics.com/html/choose.asp)

That is what our school uses. Basically, people can do whatever the heck they want to the system - as soon as it is rebooted, everything is set back the way that it was. This means changed setting are restored, downloaded/installed software is removed, etc. I'm sure there is a way to temporarily disable it though to do what you want.

11-07-08, 21:04
Thanks, but not yet for me.

11-07-08, 21:06
^^ I edited so that you know ^^

edit: it looks like InSight or WinSelect may be able to do more what you are thinking though.

11-07-08, 21:11
I'm going to study this, thanks for the find.

11-07-08, 21:12
no problemo

12-07-08, 07:53
The thing is that generic Limited account in Windows already does all this, it prevents user from installation of non-verified non MS software, but allows desktop theme changing, etc you've mentioned.
If you want to deny access to some specific folders, simply disable "Basic common folder sharing" in Windows Explorer > Service > Folder options, then deny access to specific folders by specific user on Security tab of folder Properties.