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Well guys, I'm back! :D It's been ages since I posted something here. I return with something that's been brewing since the release of the First Dark Knight trailer last Christmas.

With the imminent release of The Dark Knight in cinemas, and all the hype surrounding the Batman mythos these days, I've decided to write a fan-fic that's a little different from my usual fare.

I give you Batman Beloved, an original fan-fic by me. Enjoy, please! :)

(I guess I'd also like to mention that Batman belongs to Bob Kane, Bill Finger and DC Comics, not me. :tmb:)


A passenger blimp yawned overhead as it drifted toward the imposing, neo-noir elegance of Gotham’s skyline.
Shrouded in a veil of fog, pinnacles of office buildings and apartment blocks scraped at the stars.
Searchlights far below blasted their glowing towers upward into the dark depths of a December midnight.

The small boy seated by the window of the air cruiser peers down into the murky reaches of this gothic concrete jungle.
He rubbed his eyes, mouth agape.
There it was again- a shadowy figure perched upon a tall chimney. Like a rook preening it’s feathers.
Or a bat. The boy tugged on his mother’s fur coat but in the blink of an eye, the figure was gone.

Far below, a lone figure appears to be unhindered by the chill air. Striding ominously between the smokestacks
of an industrial rooftop, he makes his way to the edge for a better vantage point. Crouched low, his cloak lashed
out over 49th street like a disobeying shadow. He was listening. Waiting.

Gunshots in the night. A car screeches into a lamp post on the street corner. More gunshots.
Bent over and dented, the street light cast an eerie glow upon the nearby liquor store.
Two figures bustled out, shooting at a tanker speeding by.
The petite blonde with a black eye-mask bellowed orders to her accomplice.

Taking a pump-action shotgun from the damaged trunk, the burly thug let off a shot at the larger vehicle.
The shot ricocheted into the fuel cistern, and the tanker exploded. A monstrous fireball engulfed the street
as the two crooks hurried into the store.

Exceptional timing. The Watcher in the dark straightened up and pounced from the rooftop.
Sailing downward, legs outstretched , his cape billowed outward into the shape of a nightmarish bat.
The figure swooped low over the street, bursting through the dissipating inferno.

The driver moaned, trying to free his pulpy leg from wreckage. His eyes widened as the shadowy figure landed
on top of the mangled lorry. With a laser device from his belt, the Bat freed the soul from his death-trap,
just as another explosion rattled through the street.

Inside the shop, a bespectacled old-timer with his hands in the air stared down the barrel of a gun.
A reporter on the badly tuned radio ( if anyone happened to be listening ) mentioned something that
sounded like Luther, a facility, and the JSA

“Is there a back door to this place?” spat the masked girl, in a thick east-Gotham accent.
The cash drawer lay open and empty.

Having tied up the rescued criminal in black bonds, the Bat leapt upward into the night and vanished.

Scurrying out a rear entrance, the duo found themselves in a dingy alley. There was a whoosh of air and a faint gasp.
The muscle-bound henchman spun round.

“Baby Doll? You there?”

He made one step forward. Something behind him. The sound of leather boots smacking concrete.
A grim sound. A sound that lets him know the game is up.

Before he could raise his firearm, a sharp jab to the gut sent the thug reeling into a dumpster.

The blare of police sirens could be heard as five cop cars halted outside the alley.

“What do we have here?” grumbled an overweight detective as he scratched his greying moustache.
He stepped out of the car with his partner.

No reply was needed as he was met by the sight of a good-looking blonde, with a painted white face and black-velvet eye-mask,
tied back to back with another crook.

“ An early Christmas present from the Batman, Flass. The notorious Baby Doll mob-war case all wrapped up for us.”

The younger, more groomed cop knew of his partner’s dislike of vigilantes.
Especially during these times.

Flass grumbled something and walked away, what sounded vaguely like “Bah- humbug”.
His partner smiled.

************************************************** ***********

A number of blocks away, Batman felt the crisp night kiss his face as he sped along the rooftop.

“Shall I leave out a black tie, or the grey one, for the funeral tomorrow master Bruce?”
Chirped a voice in his earpiece.

“The black one will look just fine, Alfred.” Bruce replied, sliding down a fire escape to his glistening ride parked nearby.

As the last curved fin of the vintage Batmobile passed by, a tramp in an alley clasped his hands together
and blew on them. There would be ice in the morning.

The would-be tramp stood up. A long hood cast shadows over his unseen face.
Raising a cell-phone to his ear, he muttered:

“He was this close to the factory on 49th. He didn’t see anything.”

And, as if by afterthought he snarled:

“The Batman doesn’t know what’s coming.”


Jedd Fletcher
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Very well-written! I love the gritty aesthetic and the pacey yet descriptive writing style! I just wonder why you named it "Batman Beloved", but look forward to the continuation anyway.

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Hey thanks Jedd! :tmb:

Batman Beloved? It's the first Act of a series, where each Act has a name.
You'll see. :D

Will post some more later on. :tmb:

Thanks for taking the time to read it, man. :tmb:

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I love it! Amazing writing! It's so suspenseful & descriptive! I love it! :tmb: :jmp: :D

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I love it! Amazing writing! It's so suspenseful & descriptive! I love it! :tmb: :jmp: :D
Thanks a mill, Jo! :wve:

Glad you enjoyed! Stay tuned so to speak, the next segment is on it's way :tmb:

Ward Dragon
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Excellent :jmp: Looking forward to the next part :D

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^^ Thanks, Jenny! :tmb:

Act I: Batman Beloved

~ Chapter One ~

Death Of A Penguin

Black tyres sloshed through the vile brown slush of week-old snow.
Trees on either side of the road were emaciated and fruitless, dead remnants of former glory.
A procession of gleaming black cars crawled through the sleet behind a hearse, the colour of black obsidian.

It’s final destination was a bleak, cliff-side graveyard on the top of a steep hill.
Snow the texture of icing sugar coated the unkempt grass. Frost entered the deepest recesses of badly cracked and blotched tombstones. An old willow stooped over on the hill top. The icicles that hung from it’s boughs were sparkling teardrops.

When the throng of mourners, friends and those who had come to pay their respects gathered, a clergyman began speaking.
Bruce Wayne lost track of the minister’s words as he wandered into his own memories. A foe born from aristocratic rejection-
a mirror on his own fractured psyche.

As the mahogany coffin was placed into the ground, many faces started leaving.
Socialites in black fur. Dr. Langstrom and his wife, who had tried to treat the deceased’s cancer at Arkham.
Lucius Fox. Summer Gleeson along with a media crew.

Commissioner Gordon wheeled his daughter Barbara up the ramp of his jeep.
Bullock was there too, accompanied by a large police presence for one reason: to ‘baby-sit’ certain undesirable guests
at the funeral who also wanted to send him off.

Three figures stood at the graveside, directly opposite Bruce, as a bolt of lightning cast their silhouettes.

“Alas, fish breath, old chum,” whined the Joker theatrically, as the rain began to fall.

“ You always knew how to throw a party!”

Harvey Dent said nothing, but flipped a spare coin onto the coffin lid, one side scarred.
Poison Ivy, dressed in a pale green Prada, sighed:

“Goodbye, old friend.”

Flanked by armoured Swat back to their prisoner transport, Joker goaded:

“ You know, it’s a long way back to the Metropolis Compound, Pamela. Fancy getting cosy with yours truly? “

“ In your dreams, clown-face.” she spat back.

Bruce was the last to leave. He read the engraving on the tombstone.

Oswald Cobble pot -


Bruce left a single rose on the grave. He would be returning tonight.


Ward Dragon
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Interesting. I wonder where this is going :jmp: :D

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^^ Indeed! :mis:

Thanks again! :tmb:

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:eek: Oh wow! You really have a way with words Michael :tmb: I only read a part of it and I'm very impressed! It's descriptive and very well written.

And never stop writing :D I'll make sure I finish it tonight :hug:

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^^ Thank you! :) :tmb:

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Michael! I love it! It was really eerie, you really painted the characters very well! :tmb: ;)

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Thanks! More on it's way-

I'm planning to post two chapters next to really get the plot underway.

Thanks for reading! :tmb:

~ Chapter Two ~


The wind howled around the old willow tree like a Banshee.
A caped and cowled shadow strode forth through the brittle snow.
Back where he had started. Batman left an umbrella on The Penguins grave, liberated from Alfred’s museum in the bat cave.

A noise ahead of him. A lean figure stood atop an Angel grave marker, spinning a question-mark cane in his hand.
He looked different from last time, his brown hair was long and straightened, and he sported a quizzical goatee.

“ At Midnight we meet to drink to departed friends,” smiled the well-dressed man,
“ I thought I’d find you here.”

“ Not smart of you to turn up like this, Edward ”, the Bat growled back.
“ Running errands for your little friends, now? Apparently Harvey and Joker attended the funeral this morning.”

The Riddler was smartly dressed in a striped shirt, black waistcoat and long, green jacket.

“I’ve come to parley, Batman- there’s no better spokesperson than me, of course.
Just to let you know Luthor has our back now. You can’t lay a finger on us.”

“ I find that hard to believe,” snapped Batman, “ Taking you back to Arkham is always on the top of my to-do list.
I haven’t got time for your mind games.”

An observer from behind would have noticed Riddler’s grip tighten on a Glock behind his back.

“ A simple understanding is all we’re asking, Batman. Too bad we don’t quite see eye to eye. But as long as you know now,
that’s all I’ve come to say.”

It was the Bat who fired first, always two steps ahead. Razor sharp Batarangs hissed through the night as
the Riddler emptied his cartridge, diving behind the Angel. Reloading, he whipped out two guns and blasted
the batman as he scampered from one grave to the next. Reflecting off his bullet-proof chest plate,
Batman leap-frogged tombstones chasing his quarry.

Bullets met batarangs in a clash of steel and sparks. Reaching into his coat pocket, Nygma threw a hoard of emerald
flash-grenades at the nearest gravestone. Chunks of rubble exploded everywhere, hurling Batman to the ground.
Breaking his cover, the Riddler dashed through the thickening snow to a getaway car, manned by his costumed henchmen.
Ramming the cemetery gates, the 1940’s Chevy burst onto the road and sped off.

The Batman rose to his feet finding himself at a painfully familiar grave.

“ Thomas and Martha Wayne.”

For a moment, Bruce wandered into thoughts that echoed the silence of the graveyard.
And then, illuminating the tombstone from above, an ethereal shape spread across the sky.
The Bat signal. He was needed in town.

************************************************** *****

Commissioner Gordon embraced the raw winter air by flicking open a lighter.

“ The last sighting was reported down at the docklands, about an hour ago”,
he said, voice slightly muffled from the fat cigar between his lips,

“The deliveryman was thrown clean out of his truck- with footprints the size of cars all over the roof.”

“ I’ll look into it” uttered the Batman, about to leap from the building.

“ One more thing,” furthered Jim, sucking in the musty scent of Cuba’s finest:

“ This isn’t his normal behaviour- I think he wants to be found....”

Moments later, Batman swooped into Gotham harbour and landed on a warehouse rooftop.
The sharp tang of fish met his nostrils. Placing motion-sensor gadgets in alleyways, the cool
ocean spray licked at his face.

The nocturnal sea-birds stopped screeching. All went silent.

A deafening crash tore through the night. Sharp pickets of wood and great boulders of wreckage sailed in all directions.
Plunging at the Batman was a monstrous shape, bloody and stinking and full of rage-

The hunter had become the hunted...

.................................................. .................................................. ......

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^ Awesome :tmb:

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Nice :D *patiently waits for the next part*

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Wow! Really, really awesome Earthy :tmb: Can't wait for the next chapter :D

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~Chapter 3~

Along Came A Croc

Bruce woke to find himself buried under a thick layer of debris and carnage. Warm blood trickled from his visor
down his face. All about him was the thunderous ‘ratt-a-tat-tat’ of machine gun fire.
Yells and curses rendered his throbbing headache. Crashes and explosions lifted men off their feet.
A trail of Uzi cartridges peppered the ground like solidified rain drops.
Bodies were tossed over the deck as crates exploded, unleashing their contents into the fray.

Amidst the tempest of brawling figures was a vast shape of a man.
Or what at least resembled a man- the brutish hulk was hunchbacked and deformed.
One arm was grossly out of proportion to the other. Scales coated his face.
Bulging muscles rippled across his scarred body like cancerous boils.
The crusted soles of his feet ended in horrific claws the length of swords.

“ Round up any stragglers and finish ‘em off,” he boomed to his henchmen,

“and y’all leave the Bat to me- I’ll deal with him after!”

He landed punches here and there, sending foes reeling like string-less puppets. Torrents of bullets sliced
his mottled brown skin. Unconstrained by pain, the beast lashed out. Squashing men into a bloody mess with
his bare feet, he lifted a forklift right off the ground and hurled it at a tank of gasoline nearby.

The ensuing blast tore through the docks, blowing shattered pieces of warehouses and delivery
trucks everywhere. Batman saw his chance. He fired a grappling hook from his wrist plate.
Heaving himself out of the rubble he sailed upward to a nearby roof.

As the smoke cleared and dust settled, bodies lay scattered about the feet of Killer Croc.

“Pack up the rest of those drug crates and move out before the cops show,”
boomed the Croc in a deep, New Orleans drawl.

The Batman slunk across the rooftop only half ready for the oncoming fight.
As the last of his men drove off, Killer Croc bellowed:

“ I always enjoy a good game of Hide and Seek, Bats, but this is just irritating, see?
Why don’t you just come down and we’ll have a nice little chat.”

“ There’ll be hell to pay for this mess tonight, croc. I’d bail, if I were you.
I can hear the police choppers already.”

Both enemies jumped at the same time, slamming into each other in mid-air.
Batarangs digging into the Croc’s thick flesh, both fell to the alley with a thud.

Batman found his leg pinioned by the circus-freak’s huge foot.
His bat symbol was torn and bloody, his suit burnt and tattered.

“ Now, Ma cher- there’s no need for that. I’m the Big-Cheese in these parts Batman.
The Docks are Croc territory. My own private backyard Bayou! “

Suddenly, the blinding beam of a searchlight hit Killer Croc square in the face.

GCPD swat helicopters hovered in the air above them. Bounding from the Bat, he jumped into the
night catching one chopper by the tail. Dragging it into a nearby warehouse, he leapt from the roof
and vanished down another alley.

The Croc found himself under an abandoned subway track nearby. Searchlights shone down from
all corners. A noise to the right of him. Falling boulders. From out of nowhere, the batman landed.
A sharp round-house to the chest sent the behemoth reeling.

Jumping upward, he reached the second tier of subway framework.
Parrying punches back and forth with his nemesis, Croc jumped through the roof onto the subway
track. Following through the car-sized hole he’d made, the batman felt the cold night wind whip his
damaged cape about him.

“End of the line, Croc.”

Screeching horns sounded from the distance. Laughing, Killer Croc dabbed his bleeding lip.

“ Don’t try anything stupid, croc.”

The blinding light of an oncoming train thundered from behind. Croc leapt at batman.
Striking upward, Bruce caught his foe in the jaw. He dived from the upper tier just in time.


The Croc was not so lucky.


Half an hour later, Batman met Gordon by the docks.
Cops were rounding up injured mobsters, CSI's dealing with the dead.
Any remaining Drug crates were carted onto police transports.

“ It’d mean a lot to the Department if you showed up at the Gala tomorrow night, Detective.”

Batman said nothing as Sergeant Montoya finished stitching up his wounds on the back of an ambulance.

“ If I’m in the area.” he muttered, and took off into the night.


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~Chapter 4~

A Meeting At Arkham

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

The winter sun tainted the hazy sky with a warm, amber hue.
Withering russet leaves were scooped up by the growing gale.
They whisked into the Dark Knight’s cape, as he climbed the steps to Arkham Asylum’s main door.

Nurses passed him in dank hallways pushing wheelchairs. Their preoccupied patients stared blankly out of
grimy windows. Rising a mahogany staircase, he heard shrieks drifting up from the bowels of the sanatorium.
An inmate, bound in a white straightjacket, sauntered by.

“Come in” chirped a haughty voice as Batman knocked on a door.

Entering an old-fashioned, smoky office he was greeted by a somewhat austere man with thinning grey
hair and half-moon glasses. Bookshelves that towered to the ceiling were full of charts and documents
detailing some of Arkham’s more notorious maladies.

“ Batman, my friend- don’t let Henry in the corridor deter you. I’m afraid he’s prone to incurable bouts of sleepwalking…
What can I do you for?”

“ Morning, professor Stockholm," replied Batman briskly,

"The Joker was moved to Metropolis some time ago- what can you tell me about that?”

“Ah! Become quite the media circus, the whole thing!
A delegate of Politicians came here a month back on request of the Joker.
Signed a form of Reallocation- when a patient pleas to be moved to a different institution.”

Skilled at reading people, Batman couldn’t help thinking that money changed hands.

“ I don’t trust the Riddler, Joker and Two-Face in another infirmary together.
I’d rather have them on my turf, in Arkham- where I can keep tabs on them.”

“Seems suspicious, indeed. What I do know is, the Metropolis Psychological Facility is
having it’s grand opening tonight. Planning to attend, Detective?”

“ I have a Police Gala to go to, Victor. I’m being awarded a Special Honour for services to the city.”

As the Chief psychologist of Arkham chuckled, Batman let himself out.


Ward Dragon
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Uh oh, what's the Joker up to? :pi:

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^^ Putting a 'Smile' on everyone's face, that's what :p

Lol, thanks for reading. A short chapter, yes, just to advance the plot and tease the readers. :tmb:

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Great :jmp: :tmb: Love the first two sentences. Very descriptive :)

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2 fantastic new chapters, Michael! I love it! Fantastic! :tmb: :D So well-written! :tmb: ;)

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Awesome Michael:tmb:
I didn't manage to read all chapters, but I will try my best.

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Awesome Michael:tmb:
I didn't manage to read all chapters, but I will try my best.
Cheers Rowanlim and Antonio! :tmb: :hug:

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New chapter ready to go. :tmb:

~Chapter 5~

Hollywood and Vine, Part I


Searchlights pivoted on their revolving bases, illuminating the new Gotham Exchange building.
Batman overlooked the venue of this year’s annual GCPD Gala from a nearby flagpole.
He checked a beeping timekeeper on his belt- 6. 50 pm.

“Time to make a memorable entrance.”

Gotham’s finest swooned back and forth through the throng, joking and laughing with their colleagues
and dates.Even Harvey Bullock looked smart in a lean tuxedo, a rarity for the gritty cop. Caterers
circulated with trays laden with champagne glasses. Guests indulged in the fine array of foods on offer-
salmon rolls, quiche tarts, iced pastries.

Amidst the buzz of Ball-goers sat Bruce Wayne. Chatting to old friend Lucius Fox,
the dapper billionaire was easily recognisable with his chiselled good-looks and thick set jaw line.
Ahead of him stood a podium on the main stage, beside a wide screen plasma monitor.

A tap on the shoulder. Bruce turned.

“Is this seat taken?”

The alluring woman standing before him was draped in a graceful, refined halter neck gown.
It cascaded to her feet with subtle elegance, echoing the colour of the blood-red wine in her glass.
Her bright green eyes were enough to bore holes through hearts.

“I hope that pearl necklace is an early Christmas present , Selina.”
Wayne criticized.

“ I’ll have you know that these are no mere pearls, but Cats-Eyes-
the brightest Gems of an ancient Chinese Dynasty,”
replied Miss Kyle defensively.

“I leave you two alone!” Lucius smiled, rising from the table to mingle
with his fellow business colleagues.

Bruce lost in a wave of sensual pleasure as she leaned in to kiss him. Just then a news
reporter sounded from the plasma screen. An announcer heralded the arrival of a group
of men in sharp suits. Ascending to a platform in front of a vast media presence,
Lex Luthor’s dulcet tones boomed from the monitor:

“Welcome friends, associates, and of course the people of Metropolis.
A momentous day in the history of this city, we are here of course to open our new Psychological Facility….”

The policemen and socialites in the building hushed steadily as Luthor finished his speech:

“…So without further delay….”

Lex cut a red band in front of him ceremoniously, to great applause.
Champagne corks popped as Lex embraced his financial partners heartily.
The scene cut to an angry crowd nearby, as the reporter continued:

“But all is not well in the land of the Man Of Steel-
protestors have gathered for one simple reason.
Notable Arkham Asylum inmates have been incarcerated at the Facility…”

Images on picket-boards flashed across the screen. A man with half his face burnt away
in lurid purple. And a pale, manically grinning monster with bright red lips that Bruce knew all too well.

“This is blatant fascism- Lex is using his Former President image to sway the masses in Washington,”
Selina criticised, cutting in on the reporter-

“Is the Senate really that na´ve? For all we know, he’s forming a Crime Triumvirate of
three deadly psychopaths right under their very noses!”

“Since when did a Cat Burglar take so much interest in politics?”
Bruce jested.

“Since when have you reduced me to a common ‘burglar’?”
retorted the black haired-beauty, testily.

“Not so loud, Selina.” Bruce was never really the playful type-
his demeanour had always remained grave and brooding.

Her frown furrowed into an hungry, feline expression- anger ebbing away.

“ You are so serious tonight, Bruce.
Protecting your dark secret, for the fear of getting caught. It’s kinda sexy!”

The radiating chemistry between the pair alerted passers-by. The two were very much in love,
even if their snappy dialogue suggested otherwise.

“Ah, there you are! Mr Wayne, there is someone who I’d like you to meet!”

Bruce turned to face Mayor Garcia, dressed in trim formal wear.
Beside him stood an impressive middle-aged man.

Someone who he had not seen in a long time….

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

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(I know it's a bit long and sore on the eyes to read, but it's the best I can do. :o)

Thanks for reading, Part II of Hollywood and Vine on it's way tonight. :tmb:

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~Chapter 5: ~

Hollywood and Vine (part II)

The tails of his suit swept the ground, a scarlet cummerbund tightened his shirt
smartly. Everything about him was grand, giving the impression of wealth.

Garcia continued:

“ I’m sure you’ve heard of fellow philanthropist Roman Arkwell?
Bet you have lots in common!”

The debonair guest nodded courteously, and shook Bruce’s hand:

“ I remember watching your movies in college, Mr. Arkwell,” Wayne enthused,

“I’m a huge fan of the Film-Noir genre. You were one of my detective
heroes, especially in crime-dramas ‘The Slumberers’ and ‘Murder On A Train.’”

“Ah yes, quite the Humphrey Bogart of my day, it would seem!”
replied the handsome socialite, with an Anglo-American inflection,

“But I left behind the silver screen years ago.”

“To run for Mayor candidateship in Boston? Selina Kyle, pleasure to meet you.”

Bending to kiss her hand, Roman replied smiling:

“ Ah, the pleasure is all mine, my dear-
but the field of politics has also departed my area of interest.”

“ Funny you should ask, Arkwell here is head Strategist of the Boston police Department.
We invited him to Gotham to straighten out our own force.
He’s got some revolutionary ideas that we could really benefit from,”
Garcia furthered.

“You do get around,” said Bruce, “ and vigilantism in this town doesn’t bother you?”

Laughing, Arkwell replied:

“Gordon and I attended Yale together- I can assure you that his faith in the Batman is mutual.”

Speaking of which, Gordon began climbing the steps to the podium.
The skylight in the roof was lowered, as he coughed for attention:

“ We all know what he has achieved. And we all know that every degree of appreciation
that each member of the Force deserves, he deserves one degree more….”

In a corner, Harvey Bullock wore his suit looser than before.
Spiking his champagne glass from a hip-flask, he hiccoughed audibly to a friend:

“Now that’s just the catch, ‘aint it?
Why does nobody ever see Bruce Wayne and the Batman in the same room?
Somethin’ fishy goin’ on, if you want my ‘pinion.”

Spraying booze everywhere, Bullock choked in surprise as a figure clad in tight
black and grey fabric soared in through the skylight, landing on the stage.

There was a gasp from the audience, then roaring applause.
Jim Gordon awarded a silver token of gratitude to his partner in justice.

Bruce began clapping to his own alter-ego. Then the lights flickered off and on.
An ethereal violet mist oozed into the room from air-ducts on all sides.
A tremendous crash disturbed the shocked silence as a gaping hole appeared in the wall.
Rolling in atop a vast, chrome cylinder, was a blazing haired beauty with skin as pale as snow:

“ It was rather rude of you not to invite me. So I decided to crash!”


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~Chapter 6~

Botanical Ransom Part I


Screams and cries of terror broke out. Men and woman scampered over upturned chairs and
tables. But the exits had been sealed off by thick, venous weeds. The Police were quick to react
to the threat. Reaching for their Glocks and revolvers, they aimed.
Poison Ivy was surrounded.

“ Homo sapiens with their guns. They’ll never learn.”

Pushing a lever on top of the cylinder, covers slid down it’s face revealing colossal fans.
After a moment of silence…..all hell was unleashed.

Spinning into action like frenzied demons, the fans emptied their cruel effluent at Mach speed.
A wave of spores shot out, raining acid down on unfortunate bystanders. Leaves as sharp
as saws shredded through the wooden dining tables. Spikes and thorns turned police into
pincushions. A hail of death sped out in all directions.

“ Fall back! Fall back! “ Bullock yelled to his men.

“ Don’t leave so soon, the party’s just getting started!” cackled the Queen of Flora.

Eyelids closed, raising her arms like some Caribbean voodoo witch, she made the ground start to
shake. Roots the girth of oil-tankers smashed through the floor. Wrenching at the concrete, they
ignited earthquake tremors through the building. People were thrown to their feet by the god-like
rumbling, as vines lashed out randomly. Grasping the nearest officer like a toy soldier, they
strangled the soul in a brutal choke-hold.

“Get the SWAT in here now!” Gordon roared to Flass over the deafening noise.

Bruce hit the ground, shielding Selina with his body. The thunderous fans hurled out razor sharp
vegetation mercilessly. In the background, Wayne’s stand-in Batman soared into the air, firing
throwing stars at the red-haired vixen.

Spores and spikes rained death upon the panicking crowd. A tree-sized vine whipped out at the
overhanging chandeliers. Crashing to the ground, shards of glass exploded everywhere. Caught
off-guard, Ivy judo-kicked Batman in the gut sending him reeling over the edge.

“Selina!” Bruce coughed hoarsely, seeing his lover crushed on the floor, bleeding from the lip.
Crawling to her on his knees, he sliced himself on jagged shards.

Cursing over the noise, Gordon ordered:

“ Fire every goddamn thing you got!”

Opening fire, Gotham’s finest blasted entire rounds at the behemoth fans and havoc- wreaking vines.
Empty cartridges mingled with the debris littered on the ground.
Edging too near one fan, an unlucky officer was sucked in, his body grinded into bloody oblivion.

The police stood at the mercy of Poison Ivy and her wrath...


18-07-08, 21:40
Wow, this is bad (for Bruce)!:eek:
Great Michael:tmb:

Ward Dragon
18-07-08, 21:41
Poison Ivy :jmp: (Now I've got the song going in my head :p)

18-07-08, 22:01
Wow, this is bad (for Bruce)!:eek:
Great Michael:tmb:
Thanks Antonio- yeah, he's got himself all tied up :p

@ Ward Dragon:

Poison Ivy is my fave villain ( and not for the more obvious reasons :cln: :p)
so I wanted to give her the big, explosive intro. :tmb:

19-07-08, 16:55
~Chapter 6~

Botanical Ransom, Part II

Cops and guests were blown off their feet as the fans belched out deadly missiles.

Wayne noticed the mayor to his right, gripping onto a table-leg trying to not be blown
away. And suddenly it all stopped. The Vines receded. The lethal arsenal of spores subsided.

Instead, a troupe of men burst into the room from all exits, sealing them as they came.
Rounding up the injured, the guests and the surrendering police force, in groups, they
forcibly loaded their money and valuables into bags.

Bruce saw these things were not men at all. They used to be men once he figured.
Now they were mutated experiments, Ivy’s pets. Covered in green waxy flesh,
sprouting twigs from their shoulder blades and thorns across their chests.

As they approached him, he wouldn’t leave the unconscious Selina behind.
Elsewhere, It took five abominations to restrain the struggling Batman.

They stopped as Pamela Isley began to speak.

“ All I’m asking for is a little attention. Appreciation. Acknowledgement!!”
The last word she roared so loudly, ears popped.

Standing atop the cylinder, she continued more calmly:

“You’ve seen what my little fan can do. So don’t try anything stupid.”

“ SWAT helicopters will be here any minute, Ivy,” Gordon informed.
“ If you want something you better make it snappy!”

She realised he was right- searchlights shone in the shattered windows from armoured
convoys. Holding a cylindrical canister in her hand, she teased:

“Do you know what this is? Allow me to elaborate- it’s a powerful neurotoxin extracted from a
rare Peruvian flower. One dose is enough to turn you all into zombified slaves, am I sinking in yet?
The SWAT can’t touch me- this is a ransom!”

Slotting the shaft into a round receptacle, Poison Ivy hopped off the mechanism.
Two gnarled henchmen dragged Wayne towards her.

“Ah, Mr. Wayne- the plot thickens! ” she spat.

Even holding your life by a thread, Pamela Isley is still captivatingly beautiful.
Fiery locks of shimmering hair flowed around her petite shoulders.
Her body was a perfect hour-glass, draped in skimpy green latex
that barely concealed everything.

She wielded sex as a weapon and death as a playtoy.
Her jade velvet boots sauntered through the debris:

“Chemical effluent corrupts my Bolivian rainforest year after year.
Pollution from a certain Wayne Enterprise industrial compound! It’s scum like you who disease
my leafy kin. Oh yes, it’s perfectly fine for Joe Billionaire here to trod all over us in the race
for corporate gain!”

“I know nothing about it, Pamela.
Wayne Enterprise is a huge multi-national, with hundreds of managers around the world.
The blame can’t rest in my hands alone!”

Patient in the background, the other Batman was waiting for an opportune moment.
Poison Ivy bent over the handsome billionaire:

“One kiss from my lips is fatal. Pay up, or pucker up baby!”

A flash of light. Thick waves of smoke billowed in all directions.
Grunts and scuffling. Pitch darkness. Ivy and Wayne were engulfed by the smoke bomb.
Batarangs sent herbaceous henchmen stumbling. Throwing stars sang through the black.
Oddly, these gadgets were sparkling jade in colour…

Ivy screamed orders but it was too late- as the smoke dissipated, Batman round-housed
her to the chest. Skidding across the floor, she willed her vines against him. The Batman
leapfrogged a mound of debris, firing transparent capsules at the deadly vixen-
showering her in bursts of ice.

At this moment, the henchmen collapsed, no longer bound to her will.
As the mist cleared, Ivy stood mouth agape in a frosted-over prison….


Selina Kyle massaged her bruised neck, as paramedics tended to her deep gashes.
Ambulances and fire engines surrounded the building, police officers helped clear
the wreckage while Gordon shared some words with Arkwell.

“ Where did you get these capsules?” The Dark Knight asked Bruce Wayne.

Both were alone, on the roof top above all the commotion.
Crystallised snow flakes were starting to fall.

“ Alfred devised them after a battle I had with Mr. Freeze-
to use my enemy’s weapons against him.
I see a certain gadget of your own came in handy tonight. ”

Kyle Rayner stroked his Green Lantern ring.

“Yeah, I had to be subtle about it. You know, I could get used to wearing this suit- I think it’s my colour!”

Sliding out of the grey fabric and armoured Kevlar, he folded
up the costume and handed it back.

Bruce smirked:

“That’s the last time I ask a favour from you, Kyle. Besides, the black and green spandex suits you!"

Kyle saluted him as he soared off into the night, the Brightest Light in this galaxy.


Ward Dragon
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:vlol: It was the Green Lantern? :eek::D:tmb:

19-07-08, 22:10
Yeah, I have a soft spot for the Green guy :tmb:

Kyle's my fave Lantern- I had to cameo him :p


More on it's way :tmb: :D

20-07-08, 08:18
Awesome writing, Michael! Poison Ivy, baby, yeah! :tmb: :jmp:

20-07-08, 11:03
Very nice work EC!! :cln:
I loved it :D

20-07-08, 12:15
Awesome writing, Michael! Poison Ivy, baby, yeah! :tmb: :jmp:
Hey, thanks! Yeah, she rocks! :mis:

@ Kyle: thanks, man! :tmb:

20-07-08, 22:41
~ Chapter 7~

Fallout ~ Part I.

A thick layer of snow caked the summit of Gotham’s tallest skyscraper. Looking
down over the Central Business district, Batman’s cape whipped into the cold night air.

“ I think they want an Encore, Bruce- they’re sick of you disappearing into the shadows
every time you save the city….”

Selina’s purring voice came from behind him, leaning against the radio mast:

“…and I don’t think you realise it- you are Gotham’s Beloved, the Knight in Dark places.”

She was right- Gotham’s police force filled the streets in front of the ruined Exchange building.
Beacons on a lower level lit up the Batman as he looked out at the amassed throng.
Cheering and applauding, the police said their thanks.

Selina’s slender, inviting body was clad in charcoal leather. The costume was so tight,
she seemed completely naked. She zipped up her boots, ending in nine-inch heels with
tips as hard as diamonds. Pulling goggles over her eye-mask, Catwoman came to life.

Bruce turned to face her, searchlights framing his ghostly silhouette.

“You don’t have to go, Selina. Stay the night, with me.”

“ As much as my heart would love that,” replied Catwoman sarcastically,

“ It has only Nine lives, most of them used up already.
And I’m not about to waste my last on you!”

She latched up a velvet satchel, filled with her master-thief trinkets:
laser glass-cutters, spray-cans for exposing tripwires, suction pads and grapnels.

Bruce laughed:

“So that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives-
an endless game of cat and mouse?”

“I have business out of town- and don’t try to stop me this time, Batman.
A girl has needs, and the Cat Statue of Khamoon happens to be one of them.”

Blowing him a mock kiss goodbye, she dived over the edge, releasing a hang-glider
from her backpack. She soared into the distance and was gone from sight.


20-07-08, 23:04
^ I love it Michael! You always start with the best intro :tmb::hug:

20-07-08, 23:17
^^Yep, it's all about that killer intro with my writing :mis: :tmb:

Thankies :wve:

20-07-08, 23:31
(Mods, I apoligize for double post- it's neater this way, methinks :o )


~ Chapter 7~

Fallout, Part II

The constant racket of laser-guns and explosions drifted from a TV screen as Bruce entered the living room.

“Don’t you have homework to do?” he yawned, groggily.

“It’s a Sunday. And this is Corona 3- join the gaming Revolution, man!
Besides, it’s not my fault you’re hung over.”

Tim Drake bashed the buttons on his Playstation 3 controller as Bruce
took a lengthy gulp of juice from a carton.

“The game’s overrated, Kid”

said a gruff voice as a man in his early thirties walked into the room.

Bruce almost dropped the carton.

“ Didn’t think you were coming back, Dick. Moscow got too cold for you?”

Smirking, Dick Grayson unzipped a leather jerkin revealing his toned pecs. Still kitted
out in his protective biking gear, he took an apple from a bowl and munched:

“I ran into bigger problems tying up an old loose end of mine.
So I got delayed for a couple of months.
Let‘s just say I‘m not popular in St. Petersburg!”

Bruce laughed. “Did you pick up the new equipment I asked for?”

Leaving the room, Dick came back with two packed gym-bags chucking them
onto the sofa lazily.Tim sauntered over to the kitchen larder, rummaging about
to find a soda:

“ Grayson’s going all ‘Prodigal’ on us, Bruce.
I swear to God, if you weren’t any more Emo you’d easily pass for Raven!”

Grabbing the kid in a mock-choke hold, Dick ruffled Tim’s hair:

“Don’t you have a highschool dance coming up, shorty?”

“I won’t be there, I don’t have a date” spat Tim, angrily.

“I asked Becky Vreeland and she threw it back in my face.”

Bruce joined in Dick’s laughter as the morning sun eased through the dormer windows.


Water dripping from a nearby stalactite added to the only other sound in the cave.
Typing a report on his central computer, Bruce closed the file on Poison Ivy.

“A spot of coffee, Sir?” said Alfred, carrying a tray.

The cave around him was lit in a pale, blue luminescence.
The toothy jaw line of a ferocious T-Rex loomed from the shadows.

Bruce sipped the steaming drink, as a news report sparked to life on a nearby monitor.
Alfred’s tray slipped from his hand. The fun of this morning’s fooling around was drowned
out by the TV screen. Shocking images of civilians rushing about in the streets.
Cars exploding and people screaming.

“The whole of Downtown is plunged into hysteria- I really don’t know what to say!”
Yelped Summer Gleeson, standing amidst a scene of ruins and debris.
A mike was shaking in her hand.

“We really don’t have all the facts right now- but Arkham Asylum has been breached.
Witnesses speak of hearing a detonation, some time ago. People are fleeing the city
centre in droves, overrun by Arkham inmates….”

Bruce whipped on his cowl. His expression was grim. Sliding through a chute,
he raced out the other side straight into the cockpit of a polished speedboat.
Flooring the acceleration, the Batboat raced down the murky waters of a canal.

Shooting through an underground waterfall, the submersible unit plunged into
the water spraying the riverbanks in it’s wake.


20-07-08, 23:35
The cave around him was lit in a pale, blue luminescence. The toothy jaw line of a ferocious T-Rex loomed from the shadows.Love that ^ :D

20-07-08, 23:40
Thanks! I like the word 'luminescence.' It's very luminescent. :p


Ward Dragon
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Cat Statue of Khamoon, I think I know that artifact! :vlol: :D Very nicely done :tmb:

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Wow brilliant writing again, Michael! :tmb: :D Very cool! :)