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Jedd Fletcher
14-07-08, 08:57
This is officially my 110th Deviation on DeviantArt, so whoo hoo! I know I've been keeping some of you waiting, so I hope this is satisfactory. Anyway, with all the hype surrounding the Dark Knight, especially with the late Heath Ledger's twisted psycopath of a Joker (complete with messy grunge makeup and straggly hair), I thought it'd be great to do a more "classic" version of the villain, akin to the Joker from "The Man Who Laughs" and "The Killing Joke" (though in no way am I comparing myself to the artists of those breathtaking works) so here it is. Constructive criticism and comments always welcome!

Stop Me If You've Heard This (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Stop-Me-If-You-Heard-This-91630594)

14-07-08, 10:22
Awesome, Jedd! :tmb:

I always preferred the Classic Joker to the more modern versions.
The expression is great- Grinning, but completley psychotic. :mis:

Love the Jacket, waistcoat et all- great detailing. Love the violet shade you used on the jacket- what pencils do you use, man? :tmb:

Great work!


14-07-08, 21:03
Looks really good great job :tmb:

Jedd Fletcher
15-07-08, 07:12
Thank you so much for the comments, especially to Earthcane! I was trying to achieve that iconic Joker look, so thank you for the affirmation. I use a few colours from Derwent ColourSofts Link (http://www.pencils.co.uk/products/derwent.aspx?sid=12) which I buy by the colour at a not-too-cheap price from an art store. I mainly use the Lakeland (http://www.pencils.co.uk/products/lakeland.aspx?sid=1) colourthins, which are more of childrens' coloured pencils and thus cheaper. I often run out of black, so I use a black Stabilo which I think works pretty okay.

15-07-08, 13:14
Yeah I practically used Derwent all throughout my Leaving art exams.
Great pencils. :tmb:

As I said, love the jacket- that color of purple is so vibrant. :tmb:

15-07-08, 13:24
Great job, Jedd! I like the way you drew his face :tmb:

15-07-08, 13:30
looks creepy :)

Jedd Fletcher
16-07-08, 07:42
Thank you-yup, the Joker is meant to look really creepy, so thanks for the comment-it means I've succeeded on that front!!

16-07-08, 10:44
Nice work Jedd!! :tmb:

16-07-08, 12:10
Nice work man, I see you went for the Animated Series attire :)

Legend 4ever
16-07-08, 12:12
I love it. Looks great.