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03-09-03, 22:09
..... and the fact that all blondes are bimbos... i dont mean to sound vain but i occasionaly get academic awards at my high skool (was student of they year last year! woo hoo!) again, i'm not being vain......
Hey, Lady LC, is English your first language? Because you mispelled school!! If you are going to brag about being student of the year, than you better look like it!

And congrats on that BTW!! Shandroid, I think she spelled School wrong on purpose. Just like some people write cool, kool. It's computer talk. And cangradulations LadyLC Uh, Melonie, spelling "school" "skool" is beyond ridiculous, it just makes a person sound dumb.

I hope all you kids still in school use proper English at least when you are in school, because it is important to learn how to spell and use grammar correctly. You will be in a sorry state when you go to college if you cannot write well, believe me, I know. I am sure I wrote at least 80 intensive papers in college. Any way, shandroid I dunno why you are making such a big deal because she spelled school, skool. It's computer talk, she knows how to spell that she just chose not too. I use computer typing like that sometimes, and I'm not dumb. I'm a senior in high school at 16 (I'm homeschooled), so you can't tell me I'm dumb. Any way, just because you don't use computer talk doesn't mean it's dumb. You looked pretty young in that picture, so I figured you'd understand, but apparently not. I'm not trying to argue, but leave LadyLC alone, she is not dumb, she seems very intellegent to me. I mean, student of the year is awesome. So please, don't get all out of wack because she spelled school wrong ON PURPOSE. thanx v much melonie, that was real nice of u 2 say that bout me
and john falstaff- i did not get the meaning of your joke, so pelase explain it to me! if u meant it height wise- i'm 5 inches shorter than orlando, seeing as i'm 5 ft 7!
as 4 u SHANDROID- wot the hell is the big deal? so i spelt school wrong big wow! wot difference is it gonna make 2 ur life? oh yeah- absolutely none! i don't know wot's up with u- oh no, LOOK! i spelt WHAT as WOT THREE times! now that HAS to be a criminal offence in your book..... Lady LC: Please do not take offense!! I am sorry!!! :( Since you do not accept PMs please read this PM that I sent to Melonie that explains myself. And I am glad you take school seriously, I really hope you realize all of your dreams. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif
Melonie, I think you misunderstand me. My frustration lies in the fact that young people today have a nonchalant attitude toward the English language. So many young people couldn't spell consistently nor write grammatically correct sentences to save their lives.

I just think that it would be difficult for you guys to chit chat on the computer using all these strange spellings after school and then do a complete turnaround when you sit down to write an intelligent paper for a class.

I realize this is just a forum, and well, we are all friends here and it's for fun, but I guess I am tired of attempting to read someone's unintelligible post, then laughing when they say they are students or computer scientists etc. NOW DONT GET ME WRONG HERE, I AM NOT talking about Lady LC's post! She does sound like a smart young lady. But, I become concerned when I see so many obvious misspellings of easy words.

You may dismiss this as "a please Shan, dont get so worked up, we ALL can spell when we have to." But can you really? Melonie, you sound like a very lovely, awesome, smart young lady (I have read many of your intelligent posts). You have interests beyond what Britney Spears wore to the Grammys! That is great!

Just remember something, as my post said, consistently misspelling words and writing like one has had no previous training at all in the English language makes a person SOUND dumb. I did not say the person IS dumb. Young people still in school should be able to express themselves the most intelligently since they have had recent English Comp. courses. Oldies like myself (I am 32), have been out of college for 11 years, without so much as a brush up.

Young people need to be able to spell easy words without much thought, because when they go to college, the papers they have to write will be difficult enough without having to worry about spelling words correctly and proper sentence structure.

We are both, I think, kind of passionate people, Melonie, so I hope you understand where I am coming from. I am not a mean-spirited person, just a concerned one. I am happy for you that you are ahead in school, that is super, keep it up! I really mean that, as you are one of my favorite forumettes (ok, so I made up a word!! I am not immune from it!) Take care and God bless, Shan