View Full Version : heeelp! game crashes

Manuel C. Campos
15-07-08, 13:56
hey guys, i have an ati 4850 graphics card and the game runs super smooth with all the settings maxed out but i'm having a few annoying issues.
for instane, every time i hit the mission prep screen the game crashes if i have the next gen content turned on, and when i got to the kazakhstan mission i found out i can't even start playing through it with the next gen stuff on! i already patched the game and updated my graphs card's drivers and still have the same prob

is there any way to fix this??

thanks in advance

16-07-08, 07:13
If you run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report here, one of out technical experts should be able to help you out with your problem Manuel C. Campos.

16-07-08, 07:23