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15-07-08, 16:17
Hey there! :)
I downloaded latest A3DSM, installed it, but what should I do then?

Read The Documentation
Install Products
Create Deployments
Install Tools and utilites

That's funny, as I need key for all the components, that ****ible to install...
In Autodesk I have NO 3DSM icon...:(
What should I do? :o

Sorry, serial number:
777 - 12345678 helped me :pi: Am I a hucker? :pi:

15-07-08, 16:33
That is illegal yesteday I gave you the link for the offical trial (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=5659302&siteID=123112)the program is worth well over 2,000 GBP you need to buy it to own it. You pirated the software, thats illegal.

That kind of makes me mad since people have to spend alot of money buying the software, like me I have to use it for my University course I spent alot of money on the software. I will need to keep buying the software updates after when I graduate and it's not cheap.

15-07-08, 16:39
^^I kniow that, I downloaded that same, you gave me! They ask for serial number, i tried this one, as a cnahce and it helped....
I clicked:
Install products
As i didn't have icon for 3DSM in a folder of Autodesk:
Where is the icon?!
I don't know what to do with it :(

15-07-08, 16:41
You found that serial online, that is pirating the software. You should only try out the trial of the software. You don't even know much about the 3d software yet atleast try it, before buying it!

This is ****ing me off!!!

Buy the software to get the serial number!

Delete that pirated serial number you have on your post.

15-07-08, 16:45
Tell me plaese, what to do. I created this thread, as I need help, key I created myself - first combination I had :wve:
I don't know what to do then! Where to click!

15-07-08, 16:46
The problem is that you should'nt have typed in a key yourself, you should have only used it as a trial.

To get a key you must buy the software.

Reinstall 3Ds Max 9 and DON'T attempt to add the serial key yourself, you MUST only BUY the software from AUTODESK to own it and get the serial number after you have bought it!

15-07-08, 16:58
I reinstalled it 3 times. I'll share installing pictures:
Other everything is going to be for pay, with sireal number

15-07-08, 17:01
You don't create depolyments you just need to install the product! For the trial.

Make sure you buy 3ds Max 9 offically from the Autodesk!

15-07-08, 17:03
^^And I have it in "Install products":
1. Lisence agreement
2. Serial Number

I don't know what to do!

I can reinstall programm again and share screen...

15-07-08, 17:03
There is a button to Install the trial!

15-07-08, 17:07
Reionstalling programm, I'll show it. I don't have trial button - only serial number, last name, first name, and probably e-mail...nothing more!
(I'll edit this post for screen)

15-07-08, 17:10
The only other option you have is to buy offically from Autodesk.

There is a 30 day trial for 3D Studio Max 9 it is included in with the trial download.

15-07-08, 17:17
Where? :o
You mean seriial number:
I reinstalled 3D Studio Max, no pirac6y more!
I'm so sorry!

15-07-08, 17:18
That means you have already used the trial before and now you need to buy the software to get the serial number.

15-07-08, 17:20
^^I downloaded it only today, haven't ever seen this programm before!
So, that serial number is that same trial? :o or not? :o

15-07-08, 17:22
You don't need to enter a serial number for the trial.

15-07-08, 17:24
^^I understtod now :hug: Thank you so much :hug:
And sorry for this thread...I'm a stupid person :pi:

15-07-08, 17:24
By running that download you just unpacked the trial. To install the trial you need to run Setup.exe file from that folder you posted a screenshot.

BUT, using keygenned serials is illegal...

That's an official warning!