View Full Version : Screen curl-up problem

15-07-08, 21:20
ok, I want everyone to tinker woth the settings on your monitor to know whats going on. push the sceen(not the monitor) so far down until it curls up(you can change it back).

except heres the thing about mine. I reset to the factory settings and I got this really big full picture how it sopposed to be, except fot the excessive curl under. and the only way to get rid of it is to make it alot smaller and unproportionate.

its like its set to widescreen contantlly, only worse!!:eek:

and you can't get a picture, because it apears normal:mad:

15-07-08, 23:07
sounds like you have LCD monitor, but it is unrealistic to tell everyone to try to duplicate your issue. To be honest - I am not quite sure if I understand what you are talking about. Can you post a photo of your screen?

15-07-08, 23:31
:(this is not resizing or doing anything. as you see, the top is gone, and the bottom is rolled up :(
note: the window is moved down and at the bottom, thats no glare, its the roll up

16-07-08, 02:55
huh.. so when you say "push the screen" - what exactly did you do? I was under the impression you had an LCD screen and you physically pushed in on the screen..LOL.

To be honest, I've never seen a monitor do that before.. What is the exact type you have? Manufacturer and Model number?

16-07-08, 05:04
What is the exact type you have? Manufacturer and Model number?

Tell us... :) But try to degauss it first from on-screen menu. Do you have any magnetic field producing devices near?

16-07-08, 21:46
no, not that I know of... its just rolled under. and I dont know the manufacturer. im guessing dell since it came witht he computer.