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16-07-08, 13:16
im interested in doind a TR 2d game... but sadly i have no program nor the idea how to program to do it,...

i wonder i theres someone here who would like to be part of it, and work on a fan made TR 2d game... ?

like this prince of persia


16-07-08, 13:25
THAT DOESNT LOOK 2d at all! :eek: It looks like in Prince of persia sands of time where you can make this cheat in the beggining of teh game and have this tunnel and play just like in the old franchise... but it was 3d. Just the camera was different. I think this is the same or at leasts the moves are 3d made and then exported in a 2d thingie.

but yeah a 2d TR would be interesting with gorgeous pictures like in Heroes 3 :)

young Lara Croft
16-07-08, 13:26
OMG!!!! :cln: wow I'm speechless!!! is it real? are they going to sell it?

16-07-08, 13:46
i think its exclusive for xbox online.,.. or something like that.... sadly...:(

16-07-08, 13:47
Well, doesn't take a lot to get you guys excited does it? lol. This is just the original Prince of Persia remade with fancy graphics (3D put with fixed camera) It was released on Xbox live fairly recently.