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17-07-08, 11:43
I'm usually painting a lot with Acrylic these days, but I found some of these on an old blog which I never use any more and thought to myself - "maybe I should start with Photoshop again". :D


A distarous first date :D ;



Hope u like. :)

Legend Killer
17-07-08, 11:46
Very cool! :tmb:

17-07-08, 12:12
I love the robot one!

17-07-08, 12:19
Beautiful. :tmb:

young Lara Croft
17-07-08, 14:20
omg ! very and utterly unigue!!!!:tmb:

17-07-08, 14:34

The first one is very eerie and atmospheric. Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow or somethning! :tmb:

Amazing work! :tmb:

17-07-08, 16:02
Those are fantastic! :tmb:

The first one is the best for me! ;)

17-07-08, 21:09
Really great work :tmb:

17-07-08, 23:33
love them all :hug:

18-07-08, 01:41
Great work!! Love them all!

18-07-08, 10:14
Wauw, digitized boy! I never knew you had this in you! I love all of them, and I'm amazed by how you are able to capture so different atmospheres :tmb: but then again, I guess it's because it's stuff that stretch over a longer period of time.. still, they're all beautiful and fantastic in their own right!

Bravo! :D and please, do share some more if you've got it!

18-07-08, 10:19
I love all of them, especially the first one. :tmb: The last ones are so cute! =D

18-07-08, 10:41
They're beautiful :tmb: I love the first one.

18-07-08, 11:21
Might be old but they are great! :tmb:

18-07-08, 11:22
Nice works!! :cln:

18-07-08, 17:36
it seems each one has it's own story :) i like that in art
the first reminds me of a play i went to see a few years back called "the woman in black", i dunno if anyone has seen it but the bit it reminds me of is where the hose and cart overturns in mud past the bridge (in your picture the bit where its darker in the background), and the woman reminds me of the lady waiting for them but mourning in the piccy :) i just find it so strange because this picture is exactly how i imagined it :P
thanks a lot for showing us them :)
and i really do think u shud keep photoshopping! u truly do have a unique style

18-07-08, 23:32
hai! Thanks for the kind words everyone. :hug:

please, do share some more if you've got it!

I got some, I'll have to find some of the better ones I made though, because I did quite a lot back then. :D

it seems each one has it's own story :) i like that in art
the first reminds me of a play i went to see a few years back called "the woman in black"

Funny you should mention that actually. I saw that actual play at the Alexandra Theatre 4 years ago. Best play I've seen so far in my life. The storyline, and the stage were all beautifully set. And the acting was flawless. Great night out for me. :)

I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the 1st pic here though. Must've been something. lol

19-07-08, 00:30
cool :D

20-07-08, 05:55
Wow...Your work is amazing. Seriously. Very unique & artistic :tmb: :) :hug: