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tlr online
04-09-03, 00:54
This true-color Terra MODIS image features Typhoon Krovanh churning through the South China Sea on its way toward mainland China and Hainan Island. At the time this image was taken on August 24, 2003, Krovanh was accelerating toward its max wind-speed of 90 knots (1 knot = 1.15 mph), making it a Category 2 storm. While being on the lower end of the typhoon power scale, Krovanh (and other storms of its strength) still had the potential to do substantial damage to anything it encountered. Thankfully, when Krovanh made landfall on Hainan Island, its high winds and heavy rains resulted in only 10 injuries, no deaths, and only cut electricity to parts of its capital city, Haikou.


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04-09-03, 01:00
Where are the fires!

04-09-03, 01:16
Looks like Aberdeen in the summer!

05-09-03, 22:29
Cann't be aberdeen in the summer I see some land at the top of the picture!

06-09-03, 00:01
You must have been there, Neil. Man, when that haar comes in of the North Sea you really cannot see any land. Nightmare! Brrrr