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17-07-08, 22:29
Hey this is a Fan Fiction i have been writting for quite sometime and I thought I would share with you a part of it as I have got into it. I would really like your views on this little part as I have got more but here goes.

Tomb Raider:
Idol Of Death

It was early summer, the sun was hot and the air was dry. The news said it was the hottest year Britain has had since 2003, Lara moved from her balcony and stepped back inside to a stuffy bedroom. Opening the door, the heat from the handle started to burn her hand getting into the main hall a voice called from down below.
'Lara I think you might want to see this.' Looking down Zip was by his computer. She finally reached the meant to be cold stones which where now beginning to burn the bottom of Lara's feet, Lara began to move quickly as the heat became to much.
'What is it?' Lara said curiously but Zip didn't answer but just turned the volume on his computer up.
'...I can't believe it the heat is so much people are just collapsing on the streets, hospitals are beginning to fill up. Still nothing can explain what has caused this. Mexico, Egypt, Russia, and Canada everywhere is like this. The military are worried about the poles as they have got the same amount as heat as the rest of the world, they say they are melting quicker now but they don't know how long we all have before the sea level rises so much that country's and going to be taken over. This is David Grey reporting to you live.'
Lara looked down at Zip, 'you found the reason yet?'
'Not yet, I've been looking back through days on which country got the heat first but I still haven't found it yet.'
Lara didn't seem too impressed with those words, 'Just hurry. Too many people are dying and when you find out tell me.'
She said storming off. As Lara reached the steps another voice came from around her
‘Lady Croft.’
'Winston, what is it?'
'Your father, told me a while back just before he died. That he had researched something, I can't recall the name of it but he found it somewhere Australia. I'm sure it will be in his files, he told me to tell you when something terrible happens. And I think this is that time.’
Lara turned around and stared at Winston, 'Thank you.' She smiled heading up the stairs.
Reaching her office, she began to go through files which her father had made on Australia. Lara come across something that was quite interesting, among the Australia files.

To Be continued....
Depending on the views. :ton:

17-07-08, 22:33
Well written so far- I wonder what's in Austrailia :p :D

I think the Global Warming angle is great because it's topical at the minute.
Great slant to take for a TR story. :tmb:

17-07-08, 22:35
hehe, thanks. Well there are plot twists and many surprises. Returning Characters i know some hate them but some love them. Don't want to spoil to much :p

17-07-08, 22:43
cant wait for the next part....i can just imagine how intriguing this adventure will be...
It would make an Excellent TRLE level.....

17-07-08, 22:59
Haha :vlol: Heckler don't get any ideas. :p

Well Austrailia is slightly interesting part actually, like i said i'm still writting it and checking the latest part. Which is pretty different as well.
Just don't expect to much "Tomb Raider" as you say becuase I find writting about Tomb's is really differcult and I've been playing TR for years but it's a lot harder then I though writting about Tomb Raider but I've got the plot but it's just putting it on to paper (Word).

But well if I get more good responces expect the next part tomorrow ;)

20-07-08, 00:50
Anybody want anymore or not. Because i really would like to share the rest :)

20-07-08, 01:37
I'm intrigued! What happens next?

20-07-08, 06:38
Nicely written! Where's the next part? :p :tmb:

20-07-08, 10:59
Nice work :tmb:
I will be waiting for the continuation :D

20-07-08, 12:12
Its realy intresting !

20-07-08, 12:54
Next part. I start off where i elft off with Lara saying thank you to winston, so it doesn't seem odd in anyway :)

Lara turned around and stared at Winston, 'Thank you.' She smiled heading up the stairs.
Reaching her office, she began to go through files which her father had made on Australia. Lara come across something that was quite interesting, among the Australia files.
"Aluru Rock, one of the most amazing places anyone could go. Lara if you are reading this, then Winston must have told you my message, if it's as something drastic as people are dying please continue with this message. Before you where born, I travelled to Aluru's rock in Australia, don't just let the looks amaze you, but it is great to climb. It's against their laws so when you do it make sure no one and I mean no one is around. Climb as high as your can, me and my friend got to the top and we dug, we knew something was buried in the middle and boy where we right, after a while of digging the rock began to split, opening wide enough for us to fit in. As we got down there the way we got in began to close..."

'John light up a flair!'
'OK Richard!' John lit up two flairs one for Richard one for him self, they began to move around looking at all of the different drawings on the walls.
'Richard I think you might want to have a look at this.'
Richard moved over to where John was stood, both shining their flairs upon the wall it revealed some more information.
'Pictures of some sort of statue and the people seem to be worshiping it?' Richard said confused as he moved across the wall a bit more.
"Those you disobey the rules of the Idol, shall be punished for their ways." Richard read out loud, looking at more and more at the pictures they began to change, people dying and then a picture of earth.
"Disobeying the Idol shall cause the end of the world." Richard looked at John 'Draw a picture of this idle and then we are out of here somehow!' Richard ordered

"So Lara, I need you to travel back to Australia go to the Aluru Rock find this cave and open the door to where the idle is sat, if someone has found the where about of this Idol, they know what it does and our going to use the power. Hurry Lara the world depends on you."
Lara looked at the other piece of paper behind the letter the drawing of the idle, its eyes where possibly made from a crystal but it wasn't normal it looked powerful; death was written all over the idol. It seemed as though it was placed on a stall of some sort.
Throwing all of the pieces off paper down, she jumped to her feet. As she got up the blood rushed to her head and mixed with the heat her vision started to go black. Lara stumbled to the door, leaning against all the walls she came back to the foray.

Taking my time as i'm editing it s i give it to you :)