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18-07-08, 04:03
Well, my family's plan (•T•• Mobile•) is soon to be updated, and I'll be getting my second new phone, I'm not allowed to text btw.

So should the samsung blast be good for a second time phone owner?


What are the pro's and cons about it?

18-07-08, 06:58
Well... the camera is a bit weak and there is no software description (detailed).
As for me I prefer Nokia :) and don't like sliders...
Technically Samsung is good, dunno about this phone exactly (information is limited). The price seems fishy though :whi:

Look at Nokia N73 instead, this is the one that returns every cent of it's price.

18-07-08, 08:21
I'm such a cheapo:


18-07-08, 08:26
Pretty much the same... From those two I'd rather buy Samsung :) Actually, I'm not saying they're bad, but the price makes me suspicious...

18-07-08, 08:35
I have a samsung slider T629, works great, everyone says it's cool, but it's a bit too bulcky for me. And once, i accidentaly hung up on my dad, dumb slider.

18-07-08, 08:40
Look HERE (http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?tp=tb2&cell-phone=Samsung-Katalyst), that's bit better :)

18-07-08, 08:45
No way i'm getting that, my mom can get a blackberry, but i cant get a Katalyst?

But, yet, it's calling to me..... get a job
when i get one, I'll get that :cln: Thank You!

by the way, how do you change the name of links?

18-07-08, 08:50
I'm posting them like this:
Any caption necessary (http://myurl/blablabla)


18-07-08, 08:53
Thank you. I'm off to get a job, wait, i don't have my license, and it's 2:00Am! I'm a stinky teenager.

18-07-08, 08:57
Don't worry :) Youth is the shortcoming that eliminates self and fast... ;)