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18-07-08, 06:02
Here is another portrait I did the other day! The proportions will look off (specifically the chin and bottom of the jaw) because my scanner keeps scanning it in at angle (and all the little details are gone)! Maybe that is because it isn't big enough to scan poster size, and the page keeps folding.

I fixed it up a bit in Photoshop, I used a bunch of prismas colours that didn't show up :hea:, as well as B-9B:

http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/3927/somedagirltt7.th.jpg (http://img515.imageshack.us/my.php?image=somedagirltt7.jpg)

Ref: http://emresalci.deviantart.com/art/lly-13-53081172

18-07-08, 06:24
Quite empty in the arts, huh?

I like it, way better than my doodles.

18-07-08, 06:26
That'd look so cool on a huge canvas! Reminds me of modern/pop art.

18-07-08, 07:26
Nice potrait! ;)

18-07-08, 17:28
wow i really like that :D i looked at the refernce piccy and you've really made it your own so well done :D
i love the shine in the eyes and the overall expression :P i also agree with the likeness to "pop" art, there really is a resemblance.

18-07-08, 17:32
Great Job! :tmb:

18-07-08, 19:36
Looks really good great job :tmb:

18-07-08, 22:08
Thanks all for the great compliments. :D
I read a couple of pages from some Andrew Loomis books, and I didn't like his method at all (the ball and cross, yuck!!) So I am continueing with Jack Hamm's methods in a couple of books I read and studied from, which is basically relating all the proportions in the face back to size of the eye.

@Quasi, I agree, it would look cool on a huge canvas, maybe once I get good (in like 20 years, lol) i'll move onto doing stylistic portraits on big canvases.

Btw, what is pop art? Do you have an example? :cln:

@glassbox, yeah, you can say that, lol, but I really really really don't like shading in skin! I can't stand it. Of course, I have done it for a few portraits and I still don't like it. However, shading skin digitally is something I do like. :jmp:

Thanks btw!

@hayley, thank you, yeah, I thought the only way to do portraits was in realism and getting exact details. But an art teacher at my school told me I should do things the way I want, just as long as I use references.

20-07-08, 05:54
Tombcool, amazing portrait, as usual. But her lips looks too tipped up on the left :p :tmb: