View Full Version : Problem downloading photos from SD CARD

19-07-08, 02:32
Hey. Not sure if it's the right place to ask but thought i'd give it a go...

Got a digital camera with a 2GB SD card. Usually to upload the pics i remove the SD card and connect it to the computer via a SD->USB connector. (Saves having to install the camera software). Usually there is a DCIM folder in which the photos are stored which I can then copy/upload to facebook etc. But lately the DCIM folder has vanished...

Strangely when i put the SD card in my camera the photos are all still there and viewable in their entirity. Likewise when i scan the SD card for viruses it scans each individual photo file so they DO still exist. BUT for some reason it won't recognise the photos on my computer.

Any ideas? I'm traveling at the moment so have a few hundred photos of Malaysia/Thailand etc I relly don't want to lose... Ug...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.... :D

19-07-08, 02:44
ive had issues sometimes where i would take the sd card out of my phone and load it into the computer and it would show nothing. then i put it back in my phone and everything is still there - back to the pc - nothing. I just kept putting it in and out and eventually it decided to read it properly.

19-07-08, 18:08
Try installing camera software and moving files via. If you succeed transferring photos to your PC, format the SD card after.

23-07-08, 18:37
I have the same problem. I can view the photos in my Casio Exilim. but when I connect it to the computer, it searches in DCIM folder but then errors out saying that the drive does not exist. Was anyone able to solve the issue?

24-07-08, 13:23
^ What kind of card reader are you using? A built in one or a USB one? If it is a USB one, then is there any chance you could try another card reader? There may be a chance that isn't working correctly.

If not, then you could still try to install the software for your camera and just plug your camera into a USB port, and see if you can transfer them straight from the camera itself.