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19-07-08, 19:06
New sketchie - haven't done a lot of drawing recently, so I am aware of the errors in this ;)

Random dragonfly fairy thing. Don't usually draw stuff like this (usually steer clear of fairies!), so it was fun to design :D. Tried to colour it... unmitigated disaster, that. I so have to get my colouring hat back on pretty damn sharpish...

Dragonfly (http://mistresselysia.deviantart.com/art/Dragonfly-sketch-92165281)

Click on the image for full view.

(pssst! Anyone know how to create clickable thumbnails that'll take you straight to DA when you click on them? I saw Apofiss doing it once, and I've always wondered how he did that!)

19-07-08, 19:10
Wow, that looks very good. :tmb:
Her wings are perfect if you ask me... Looks great! It would be great to see it coloured though! :p
A great drawing Ely! :)

19-07-08, 19:13
Always loved your art :tmb:

She looks cute and evil at the same time and I like her grace :)

19-07-08, 19:14
Ohhh smexy shmexy! Where can I get nails like thooose? :cln: Nice job on the wing detail :3 Sweet work all over, as usual :D

19-07-08, 19:17
Very Nice:tmb: Are you going to colour it?:D

19-07-08, 19:21
:hug: Thank you, everyone!

She will be coloured - my first intention was to colour her today, but it just wasn't happening. Wasted a good 2 or so hours before giving up... going to try again tomorrow ;).

I'm really glad you said that, Drone - that was totally the intention! I didn't want her to be a cutesy-wootsey fairy - I want her to look a bit wild and a bit wicked as well as cute :D

xMyrax - wouldn't nails like those just rule so much? :cln:


19-07-08, 22:09
She looks like my drae character :D!

It's lovely,so elegant,mainly the outfit,so full of movement. I want one :D!

19-07-08, 22:15
So crazy and pretty! Very well drawn Mistress! :tmb:

19-07-08, 22:37
Oh that's fantastic. I love her hair. And her right leg! She's certainly flexible then. :p The patterning on the wings is actually really... captivating.

I'd love to see it coloured!

Ward Dragon
19-07-08, 22:50
Wow, I love how vicious she looks :D From the description in your post I was almost expecting one of those standard cute pretty fairy things, which is clearly not the case :tmb: Plus I like flowy dresses, and the fringes certainly look flowy :D

20-07-08, 00:36
man I just wish i could draw its my passion mabye i should change i sereusly SUCK so much its my passion IDK what to do

20-07-08, 03:15
Very nice work Ely!! :tmb: :D

20-07-08, 06:06
Ely, it's amazing! Beautiful work! I love it! :tmb: :) :yah:

20-07-08, 16:59
Very beautiful. I like the wings in particular! :tmb:

20-07-08, 17:05
Nice ;)

Alex Fly
20-07-08, 17:08
Another wonderful and amazing piece of work from you ! :)

20-07-08, 19:48
Awesome work really like it :tmb:

20-07-08, 19:48

Wow, that is truly stunning Elysia.

Beautiful work, love the wings! :tmb: