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19-07-08, 23:36
We are officialy up to episode 174, this is our latest dub in the series now is ur chance to catch it in english ^^ wooot. I mixed the vocals in and also did audio editing i also voice darien. All opinions are welcome.


Serena Tsukino/S. Moon - Mindy Chan
Amy Mizuno/S. Mercury - Purply
Raye Hino/S. Mars - Kae-Chan
Lita Kino/S. Jupiter - Lightofhope18
Mina Aino/S. Venus - Scarlotte
Darien Chiba/Tuxedo Mask - AJ Rich
Seiya Kou/S. Star Fighter - Manya
Taiki Kou/S. Star Maker - Princess Kagayaki
Yaten Kou/S. Star Healer - Dominoprincess
Luna - Kae-Chan
Artemis - The Hunter
Sailor Galaxia - Ishtar
Chuko Nezu/S. Iron Mouse - Toku Tenshi
Alice Itsuki - Crystal
Movie Director - The Hunter
Airport Announcer - Eternal Cosmos
SFX & Music Mixing - The Hunter
Audio Editing & Vocal Mixing - Eternal Cosmos & AJ Rich
Scripting & Casting - Eternal Cosmos
Opening Theme - Sailor Stars Theme by Kae Hanazawa
Ending Theme - Kirari *Sailor Dream* by Sae
Credits made by - Eternal Cosmos
Video Provided by - Sailormooncenter.net
Sailor Moon credits to - Naoko Takeuchi

20-07-08, 00:16
According to Veoh it contains "Mature Content". ;)

20-07-08, 00:19
According to Veoh it contains "Mature Content". ;)

not realy lmao its sailor moon veoh just doesnt like us apparently