View Full Version : Having problems with my ipod nano (3rd gen)

20-07-08, 21:44
ok so i am using the service floola to put music on my ipod without itunes. it has been working perfectly until last night when i put some songs on. when i went to the music section it would only show the cover art of that arist i just put on there on the split screen. I deleted those songs and now when i am playing a song and go to the now playing option at the main menu, it shows a messed up code of my album art. also, songs that i deleted are still on my ipod, but un-playable. any help is appreciated :)

21-07-08, 06:33
Try the following:
1. Install Itunes.
2. Backup all actual tracks (existing) from your iPod to iTunes library.
3. Clean your iPod.
4. Sync with iTunes - copy tracks back.