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20-07-08, 22:28
Here is a drawing I did of (how I view) Poison Ivy:
http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/3539/poisonivy2zi2.th.jpg (http://img413.imageshack.us/my.php?image=poisonivy2zi2.jpg)

I used pencils B-9B (mostly 9B though), and the 12-pack of Prismacolours (the only pack I could afford at the moment since the others were like in the 80s and 100s, so I had to make the one shade of each colour I used work).

Original Size: 11" x 15" (so a lot of the drawing was cut off when I scanned it in)

References used:
-A pot of roses in my room, lol.

20-07-08, 22:29
Great drawing Tombcool :tmb: ! I like it very much . :cln:

20-07-08, 22:31
I love Poison Ivy! :D And i love that drawing aswell! :tmb:

20-07-08, 22:37
Schweet! Poison Ivy is the best Batman villain :mis:

Love your style, TombCool-

it's so flowing and natural, perfect for what Ivy represents.

Can't wait to see more :tmb:

20-07-08, 22:43
Fantastic drawing. It really captures the natural essence of Poison Ivy. I'd love to see more of your work. :)

20-07-08, 23:28
Wow, thank you kindly guys for all the comments! :jmp:

@Earthcane, I agree. :mis:

Jedd Fletcher
21-07-08, 10:21
Beautiful! As many may know I'm quite the DC Comics fan. I like the details-even if the rose around her eye may be a little too much-but on the whole, this is quite amazing. I love her nuanced, mock-innocent smile, and your interesting combination of pencil and coloured-pencil shading.

21-07-08, 19:32
Awesome artwork looks great :tmb:

22-07-08, 10:57
Nice drawing!! :D
Very artistic :D