View Full Version : Can someone recommend me a good PC Game Controller?

20-07-08, 22:42
I've been through 2 Logitech PC gamepads in the past 2 years. The first one I had just decided to stop working, and the newest one I bought back when I got Anniversary I dropped on the carpet and it won't work now :hea: I've tried replacing the batteries and unplugged the sensor bar from the USB and plugged it back in and still nothing! :rolleyes:

So can anyone recommend me a good brand PC controller(preferably wireless) that works good and lasts awhile? Thank you :)

20-07-08, 22:57
I dunno if you will like the sound of this, but this is what I have set up: I have a PS2 controller connected to a TrioLinker (http://www.consoleplus.co.uk/product_info.php?pName=trio-linker-psps2-gc-dc-to-pc-usb-converter) converter - doesn't cost much and it works great. Not wirelesss however.

20-07-08, 23:02
Can you do the same with Xbox360 controllers? (mines wireless though) Sorry for such a stupid question :rolleyes:

20-07-08, 23:13
You can get adapters that allow you to connect Xbox 360 controllers to your computer via USB, but I aren't sure about wireless adapters.

Microsoft do make Xbox 360 controllers that already are Windows compatible, including a wireless version - I don't know if they are any different than normal 360 ones though: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/gaming/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=090