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21-07-08, 09:38
Have you any experience when you heart was broken ?

Breeze flows by
Whispering words into my ear
Numbness grips my soul
and the Scarry heart skips a beat

The Sun setting down the prairies
Signals the end
When will you come back to me
I am shattered and broken

The Flowers have died
my tears have dried
These wounds will never heal
unless you touch me

Even in a stone
Lies a heart Soft enough to pardon
Believe me my love,
I am shattered and Broken

I will never forget the days we once had
The days when you were everything to me
My mind used to tell me we'd be together forever
But now I realize that was all a big dream
The feelings I have for you will never go
I wish I could take back that one regretful day
The day when I willingly let you slide from my arms
Never did I think of the astonishing pain of regrets
That I would once have to live through
The sight of you in someone else's arms
Makes my heart shatter into a million pieces
I sometimes wonder if you still think of me
Or if to you, I'm just a face in the crowd
I wish so very much that one day we can have it all back
But for now, I'll sit here silently
Remembering all the memories we once shared
Everyday my love grows much stronger
Hoping that one day you will feel the same
And put back the pieces of my broken heart.

Yeah i am suffring the dark times of my life.

21-07-08, 09:41
nausea.. thats it.


21-07-08, 09:43

dream raider
21-07-08, 09:44
Wasim, have you written this poem? It's beautiful! :)

21-07-08, 09:52
Wasim, have you written this poem? It's beautiful! :)

thses are my old poems.

21-07-08, 09:54
If it's your own work, I'll move it to the art section.

dream raider
21-07-08, 09:56
thses are my old poems.

Hmm... Are you sure about that?


21-07-08, 10:07
The two weeks break, not from us
First week fine, second week not
Tell me please
Have I done something wrong?
My parents noticed it, put them down

Met with you again, so happy
Yet something wasn't quite right
I could tell
You didn't seem to be yourself
I asked for a walk later

Immediately I asked 'What's the matter?'
She explained it all to me
I felt sad
I didn't want it to end
But it was for the best

Next six weeks previously taken up
Now for her it was
Not for me
We sat on a bench and talked
The condescending reactions grew less

I wanted the arcane, she told me
But after telling some of the others
I feel not
I'm still going to ask her
'Was there anything else to why this is?'

I'm really worried, but I love her
I'm not angry or annoyed
Just plain upset
I haven't revealed it to anyone else
One I will tell though

She did break my heart
Yet she had some glue
Put it back
We're still friends yet it'll seem weird
But I don't intend it to be weird

After the six weeks if it's still open
I may go back out with her
I may not
I think it would be for the best
If we were just good friends

I'd still call and talk to her
Over the six weeks where she sees no friend
I do sympathise
She's got the worse of it all
But I'll still stand by her side


As the sniper overlooks from on high trying to see everything
He notices nothing that could harm him, but is still worried
He looks in every angle and corner
But nothing, he sees

He realises that because he can't see it
Is that it's behind him
About to shoot through his heart

He turns round, ready to face his foe
It's not his foe, but his friend
Shoots him in the arm
Then helps him up and patches him up

He now can't use his sniper, his arm wounded
He can't look over everything
That's someone else's job now

Just a couple of poems I wrote about my feeling about Sarah...

It ain't a masterpiece, but I do like the idea of the sniper in the second poem.

21-07-08, 10:08
Hmm... Are you sure about that?



21-07-08, 10:14
Hmm... Are you sure about that?


Those are my creation that i created for my friend,so the authur of these poems on ://www.lovethepoem.com is friend.

21-07-08, 10:41
My all poems are for my best friends and they are using own names on them and i don't mind.