View Full Version : Removing lara's Gloves (Anniversary)

21-07-08, 17:19
Could somebody please point me to a tutorial on how to remove lara's gloves?

Thank you :D

21-07-08, 17:20
Just cover the black in laras skin colour :)

21-07-08, 17:21
I think you would have to just make the texture of the gloves a skin colour, as they are part of her body, besides you cannot edit the 3d file i dont think. Try finding the texture of the gloves and making them the same colour as her skin, thats the only way i think you could do it.

21-07-08, 17:22
get hand texture from Sport outfit or swimsuit, then pit those hands on glove texture ;) That's all :)

21-07-08, 17:23
Thanks for the quick replies. Cheers :D