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22-07-08, 16:08
I have been working on this for quite some time now...I call it 'Heaven's Devil'
SURE IT'S NOT DONE YET! I am having problems smoothing it out because, if you havn't noticed yet, the shading is very rough. I need suggestions on how to make the shading smoother...like, what do I do with the pencil? I am at a stand still here lol.
Ok here we are. The new pencils worked like a charm. They made him more lifelike, and he stands out a lot more. Still not done yet, going to innitial it, and go over any final touches...

22-07-08, 16:09
Its really nice...

But are you using HB pencil?! You need to be using a softer pencil 2B, 3B and up! Its way easier ;)

22-07-08, 16:09


22-07-08, 16:11
uuuhhh...Im using a pencil...just...a pencil...idk...rofl #2 pencil!

22-07-08, 16:19
Cool drawing ! Nightwish is right you should use a softer pencil :tmb:

22-07-08, 16:19
GREAT JOB!!!!! Keep it up! :)

22-07-08, 16:26
You definitely have the talent to draw! :tmb:

But I wouldn't call my drawing amazing... Any one. I don't really appreciate vanity in people.


22-07-08, 16:27
Thanks everyone, when I do get a softer pencil, do I just go over it with the soft pencil, or do I make a new one?:o (sorry, I just never drew so good...)

22-07-08, 16:27
uuuhhh...Im using a pencil...just...a pencil...idk...rofl #2 pencil!

lol! You dont know what type of pencil are you using? :confused:

On most pencils there is usually a little writing saying what type they are. HB is used mostly for writing or making up blueprints and so on. Because they are hard they are good to use with a ruler. ANd by the looks of how pale the drawing is - you are using an HB.


Now for drawing and making proper shading are used softer pencils - there are 2B which are the hardest soft pencils, 3B are softer then 2B and so on...I have used even 8B so I don't really know how soft they are. But I find 3B pencils most comfortable. Just go to every stationer's shop and you will get such a pencil. they aren't even expensive... well unless you aren't buying professional pencils.

;) Hope that helps

EDDIT: Cristina, there isnt a nee dto start a new drawing. You can just strengthen the contrast with this softer pencil .

22-07-08, 16:35
Ok...My dad will get me some today...(my name is just Christi btw!:p but it's ok many people do that) AND THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!

22-07-08, 16:36
haha no problem just keep us posted ;)

22-07-08, 16:39
OK! sure will do captain;) And what should I do for the background, I wanted to make clouds. And for the rock he is sitting on, how will I do this?

22-07-08, 16:43
OK! sure will do captain;) And what should I do for the background, I wanted to make clouds. And for the rock he is sitting on, how will I do this?

Well if you really want to do this I suggest you use a reference for the rock so that it looks believable. And try not to overdo the background because the main figure is very detailed. So just that it doesnt become too much detail ;)

22-07-08, 19:34
Interesting! The eyes are so creepy :yik: Well done on the anatomy :tmb:

22-07-08, 20:27
Omg that's really good nice work :tmb:

22-07-08, 22:11
Wow!That's really freaky!:D

23-07-08, 01:10

23-07-08, 11:29
Yeah...it's an amazing drawinG!! :tmb:

23-07-08, 11:39
It's updated :p but still not finished. I see its too light in some areas...(Thanks Kyle, bith a big G:hug:)

23-07-08, 12:03
A lot better! but I think you should mak ethe contrast even stronger. ;)

24-07-08, 19:58
kick ass! cool work :tmb: