View Full Version : DVD & Humidity?

22-07-08, 23:05
Earlier I put in one of my yoga DVD's that I hadn't used for a while and it wouldn't play. When I checked it I noticed this line of demarcation. I tried rubbing it off but it wouldn't come off. So I checked the rest of my yoga and movie DVD's and they look fine. I just moved all of them to a cool, dark room just in case because my apartment had high humidity before I had the A/C installed and I thought that might have caused this. Does anyone know what this is and what caused it?


23-07-08, 05:13
Well... some DVDs have that defect from the very beginning. It's not perfect, but it's not horrible though as long as you can read it normally. Some deviations in protective layer can be seen as those.

-- Edit --
I mean that thing is not caused by humidity, but high humidity is harmful for discs anyway, as Drone said :)

23-07-08, 08:17
humidity, direct sun exposure and dust are cds enemies. Don't rub it too much it also can't be good