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Jedd Fletcher
23-07-08, 08:35
Batman's loyal and nigh incorruptable police partner-in-crime-fighting Commissioner Jim Gordon is an indispensable part of the Batman mythos, but is often relegated to the sidelines. Therefore, I was quite pleased with his more front-and-center role in (the intellectual, excellent and mildly disturbing) The Dark Knight, as portrayed by Gary Oldman. This drawing is mostly based on his portrayal, with a touch of the comics Gordon and my style blended in. Enjoy!

Commissioner Gordon (http://jedd-the-jedi.deviantart.com/art/Commissioner-Gordon-92534861)

23-07-08, 12:37
Nice drawing Jedd!! :tmb:

23-07-08, 20:20

"Holy scetchwork Batman that's fantastic!".

23-07-08, 20:41
that dude looks very concentrated I like that expression

Jedd Fletcher
24-07-08, 05:32
Thanks for the comments so far, keep 'em coming! Haha, thanks for the 60's screenshot Autolycus!