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23-07-08, 13:30
Okay, when I was about 5 or 6, I had a PlayStation1 console with Tomb Raider 1, and that was in 1996 so I think the game must have been out for two months then :D
And yeah, I was really young and then ever since I have been a lover of Lara and I've collected all the merchandise I can! I love her, she's inspired me so much and I'm going to continue loving her!

What about you guys? How young were you and what year was it?


x mwah x


23-07-08, 13:41
I got my first PS1 and I got TR4 and 5. They both makes me damn dizzy and puke but I absolutely adore the fmv scenes when I used the cheat codes. After skipping those levels (lol) I got the basic idea of what Lara Croft really was and it started to interest me. So I start the games again from scratch and using some tips from walktrough that I read in bookstore game magazines, especially Last Revelation. Sooner or later I got the hang of things and can get it on my own. Then I bought the rest of the series and I felt TR2 is the best one for me.

TR3 is still the hardest and I haven't actually manage to beat it without a walkthrough. :/ Yet.

23-07-08, 13:42
about 7 or 8, my neighbour (also my best friend at the time) had gotten a playstation with tr2... we used to just play on her house all day :D

23-07-08, 13:43
The first second I turned it on and ran across that snow filled cave!:hug: I was 5 or 6...

23-07-08, 13:44
AT the release of TR2.
I was too young for TR1, when we got a playstation we got TR1 with it, but it was just something my mum and dad played.
When TR2 was released, i was a bit older and actually started being able to play myself (partially anyway)
PLUS TR2 was one of the best games anyway :tmb:

23-07-08, 13:46
Do you mean loving Tomb Raider or loving Lara? :confused:

Started playing in Feb. 2000 The Last Revelation and have been a big fan of TR ever since. :tmb:

I can't say that I am in love with Lara. She is just a video game character, albeit a great one. ;) :)

Eddie Haskell
23-07-08, 13:53
Never. I really like the games (at least I did when they were a real, challenging game) not Lara. I could care less who or what the character is, or what they look like. Lara is the on-screen representation of me, so in that light Lara is a 6'1", 49 year old guy who looks a bit like Larsen...

23-07-08, 13:55
I can't say that I am in love with Lara. She is just a video game character, albeit a great one. ;) :)

Ur in denial, man!!

Uh I guess when I got Tomb Raider 2 - '98 mebbe?

23-07-08, 14:00
I like your question, it brings up memories... :)

The first game I played was TR II, on the PC. My brother was addicted to it and also finished it (with weapon cheat, he sais it was impossible without, which I don't believe, but I'm first finishing TR I now :D) :P and I liked playing it too, but I was like 6 and didn't really have the intention to play and finish the game, it was just messing a bit with cheats, and playing the levels I liked. I also did the same with TR III, that was so much fun, that game is beautiful, my brother thought it was boring... :confused: When I became older I didn't hear anything of Tomb Raider for a long time, and then I noticed that TR 4 and 5 also existed, and after some while 6 too. Never played them, but I saw that a friend had it. When Legend came, I was alot older and I played it, finished. Again like 2 years later (or less) I played Anni (finished 2 days ago) and at the same time (now) I'm playing TR I. I started loving it again and I'm going to play every game of the franchise, and I'm also active on TRF.

Hehe :D

23-07-08, 14:01
Hm. I guess my sister got hooked on it first, then she forced us to join along & we are hopelessly addicted to Lara now. Hahah I was 14 at the time :rolleyes: TR is now a sister affair, all 3 of us are hooked :D

23-07-08, 14:02
3 - 4 :p When my Dad first got it. I used to watch him play it for hours!

23-07-08, 14:13
I got TR III when it came out, I didn't know much about it then. I only got it because a friend kept tellin me it's a great game. So the longer I played, the more interested I got and eventually searched for more info online. So the more I read about Lara the more I created a picture of her in my mind and started worshipping her :o I was 12/13 at the time, so that makes 10 years ;).

Capt. Murphy
23-07-08, 14:18
Well, I don't know the day or year. I know I was out of high school by this time... Because I had bought my Saturn with my own money. Didn't have a girlfriend at the time... And I did respect Lara. I wouldn't think of her in any other way. But.... there was that one time... :o


Tomb Raider Master
23-07-08, 14:19
Summer 2001.

23-07-08, 14:24
Never. I really like the games (at least I did when they were a real, challenging game) not Lara. I could care less who or what the character is, or what they look like.


23-07-08, 14:27
I enjoy the games, Lara is a cool character. But I dont in any way love her.

23-07-08, 14:37
A bit after Chronicles came out, 2001 probably. :)

23-07-08, 14:45
I was 6 :) I used to watch my mum play it all the time and I'd always get scared of the panthers in the Egypt levels. My mum played all the Tomb Raiders up until TRLR, when I took over :) Now she never plays, she says it's too easy and all you do is acrobatics. I guess I agree but I still like the games and hopefully Underworld will be a little different.

23-07-08, 14:55
I've started to play tomb raider in 1999 after tr4 was released, I've started to play from tr1 to tr4, one by one and then chronicles was out. I love Tomb Raider from the first second. All that time my favourite was tr1 and then tr4, when aod was released AOD has become my favourite and will remain so forever. I love aod tr, aod Lara, aod locations and aod plot. :wve:

23-07-08, 15:22
Not really love, but I liked her character when I first got TRII back in 98. Started to like her even more in Last Revelation and AoD.. but then something happened in 06 that made me change my mind about her. I wonder what..

23-07-08, 15:24
I dunno, it would've been during the summer of 1997.

My brother borrowed a copy of Tomb Raider II for his PS1.

The rest is 'istory.


23-07-08, 15:27
I fell in love with Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series the first time I played the TR3 (Nevada) demo. Then, I bought TR2 and loved it even more. :D This all took place in 1998...

23-07-08, 15:28
Round about that time we got together and um... did things.

Alex Fly
23-07-08, 15:29
Immediately when I started playing at my first Tomb Raider game. :)

23-07-08, 15:32
When she started paying me.. erm. nah kidding, i played original lara and loved it :)

dream raider
23-07-08, 15:37
When she started paying me.. erm. nah kidding, i played original lara and loved it :)

Sure you're kidding. :p

I fell in love with Lara when she invited me to her Manor. I never saw her since then though, I remember she went out.. left me in... and the manor exploded! It was all a bit vague, but I can remember that. Winston helped me recover. :D :p

23-07-08, 15:54
I've never loved her I like her though I think she is a cool character. I don't fall in love with pixelated video game characters.

23-07-08, 15:57
Sadly I became a fan of Lara when I saw the Tomb Raider Movies and then I got my first TR game which was TRA.

23-07-08, 17:35
Hmm after reading about her/TR1 in a preview in a games magazine, back in 1996 :D

23-07-08, 17:40
When I first bought a PS1 when I was 16. Tomb Raider was one of the first games I played on it.

23-07-08, 17:54
maybe 9 or 10

23-07-08, 18:08
Hmm I must've been like 10, my brother got me into Tomb Raider, and then I got hooked on Lara :p I have loved her ever since and will always hehe.

Mona Sax
23-07-08, 18:26
Never, I guess. It's the gameplay that intrigued me, not the main character. Still is, actually.

23-07-08, 18:26
my aunt bought me TR1 (the greatest hits edition) for my 7th birthday.

once i put it in the playstation and started running through the caves, i was hooked.

i <3 lara more than any other game character EVER.

23-07-08, 18:42
When I bought Legend when it first came out. :ton::D:D

I remember my neighbor having the first Tomb Raider game and always wanting to watch the intro... and she always stuck in my head and I actually forgot about it for a while. Then my sister got a Playstation 2 and I saw Legend... I got Legend and fell in love with Lara Croft.

23-07-08, 19:05
When I was about 16, when I first started playing TR1. Back then I had no idea how to talk to women or people in general, nor did it occur to me that I could, in fact, do these things. My love for Lara was innocent and chaste, and I was rather sensitive about it. I hated the comments magazines madea bout her breasts, and the assumptions my peers made about my interest in the game. I considered Nude Raider to be blasphemy, though I figured it was also my duty to be aware of what it was. Lara became my goddess for a brief period of time (say, about two or three years) and I was her priest, but eventually, as I got older, she interested me less and less.

On the other hand, I've always loved the games.

23-07-08, 19:09
Round about that time we got together and um... did things.
Wait . . . you talking about that time, last Halloween, in that cold, dark alley? That wasn't Lara! That was me in a costume! :o

When did I start to fall in love with Lara/Tomb Raider? Probably when I first saw my brother playing the games around 1998. ;)

23-07-08, 19:19
In 1999 when I was 5 we got a playstation for christmas. My mom gave my dad Tomb Raider 2 as a present. Him and my sister loved the game. Soon after I started to play.(my sister tought me how.) My dad and I saw the Tomb Raider and soon movie got Tr1-5....and the rest is history. Today we are still hardcore Lara Lovers!!! :D

Crystal girl
23-07-08, 19:30
When i was about 5-6. I got to play TR1 (or better: i got to watch my uncle play it :p), and it has been love at first sight, i loved that game so much that i wanted to play TR2, TRIII and IV too. And then... here i am :) :D

23-07-08, 19:42
When I was 14 first TR game is was Chronicles.
That was a first game I'm bough for my PC.
That game take me almost a year to finished, but in Chronicles I'm didn't start loving Lara.
Then in my 18 when I'm saw a Legend (trailers, gameplays, music theme) I was so excited.
In the day when I was going to buy TR Legend, it was my painful day (Love problems, my teenage mistake, broken hart if you know what I mean). :(
I won't say that Tomb Raider Legend helped, but it calm me down.
Because of Legend I start loving Lara.
Yes Legend is not a perfect game, but because of that day Legend means to me so much more than Underworld.

Well that is the reason why and when!

23-07-08, 19:43
Since the day I saw her. :hug:

23-07-08, 19:49
I started loveing lara when i was about 6 or 7 and i would LOVE to watch my dad play TR1 TR2 and TR3 so i wou;d beg him to play and i would just...sit and watch...so then i would just sit there watching as he shooted people tigers and swim threw lvls like it wasent nothing. then came the time that my dad..DIDENT WANT TO PLAY!! *girl scream* but so i had to learn the game and the moves and stuff like that so about a week or so for the first time my dad watched me! :Dso he said i was great and i could makeit trew half of tr1 so now today he says that im better than him :rolleyes: but ill never be as good as him :p but i still loved the days when i just watched him play:)

24-07-08, 09:55
At first I admired her when I was reading a review in a magazine at the age of 7 and as I found out more about her she became a female icon for me.

24-07-08, 10:03
1996, when i was 7, and my sister was 17 and she got me into it and I love her for it! :D

24-07-08, 10:53
I was 6 and my uncle got me a psx and he gave me his copy and I've loved it since then...

although I never got very far in the game first time round...

I remember thinking that the tomb of quolopec was the last level


dexter void
24-07-08, 11:34
i got my playstation and the original Tomb Raider in 1997 when Tomb Raider II got released. I then got all the Tomb Raider games as they came out. So for me its been 11 years of loving Lara and everything she does.
She truly is inspiration for a generation and not many other people understand that!

24-07-08, 12:12
Since I first saw her :D

24-07-08, 12:18
Bought the game, loved it. Stopped for about a few years, played again, still loving it...:D

24-07-08, 12:31
Since the day I saw her. :hug:
Wow must be love at first sight then. :eek:

24-07-08, 12:42
i wonder if she's reading this thread guyz. :jmp:

24-07-08, 12:46
My uncle gave me TR2 when I was about 9 / 8 years old :D

I just loved it, even tought I was stuck for hours in some puzzles >.<

24-07-08, 12:59
I can't remember what age, but I was quite young. My dad played it, and when the scary music came on Id squeal and run away (: I used to steal it from him and play the manor ^^

24-07-08, 13:29
After TR 3 demo :D

24-07-08, 13:44
i wonder if she's reading this thread guyz. :jmp:Who Lara? Nah, she's busy smoking her mansion.