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23-07-08, 21:07
been looking at this guys notebook and his wireless card is whack0 (and so is the ethernet card) it takes forever to connect to the network - then it wants to do some kind of thing where it wants to discover it or something to that effect but it will not get onto the internet (local connection only). Looked at the ip address and it was totally wrong and did not have a gateway address either. I manually set it correctly and still only had local access. Disconnected and reconnected - still only local access. Updated the drivers - still the same thing. What the **** is going on with this piece of ****?

Also, it was working before (somewhat) at his home. But when he took it to the place where we are trying to get it connected now, he wasn't able to get it back on his home network (encryption did not match anymore).

I really feel like doing a full format and reinstallation but I don't think he would agree with that. If anyone knows what can be causing this, please tell.

One note - he had symantic on there which i turned off (but is still installed - i only disabled it from running). Then I installed my free apps that I use. There is not a firewall running on it right now so I doubt that is the issue.

24-07-08, 06:15
1. Turn on Symantec yet.

Check also those:

2. It could be the Wireless adapter driver issue. Upgrade the latest driver.
3. You may need to update the software or firmware in your wireless router or access point.
4. Changing wireless networking channels.
5. Incorrect configuration. The mismatch might be in the form of different authentication settings, incompatible equipment, or other configuration issues.
6. Check access control MAC address filtering.
7. The wireless AP and wireless network adapter are not using the same 802.11 standard (for example, you are using an 802.11b network adapter and a 802.11a wireless AP)
8. The wireless radio button on the computer might be in the off position.

What are the models of the wireless card and the router/access point?

24-07-08, 08:19
1. im sure its not the symantic installtion - ive done the same disabling on my moms laptop and it didn't affect hers.
2. wireless driver has been updated to the latest
4. didn't see a place for that
5/6. this router were working with is not security enabled (unwise i know)
7. i manually set the adapter to use G only - same as the wifi access point
8. checked that multitudes of times

internal wireless on the laptop is Intel Wireless/PRO - cant recall the number (the laptop is an HP dv9600 - cant remember the second part of that)
router (for this network) is Linksys WRT54G

strange thing is that I'm sure there is a place where you are supposed to be able to specify between ad-hoc and infrastructure mode. For the life of me, I can not figure out where that is supposed to be at.

24-07-08, 09:29
strange thing is that I'm sure there is a place where you are supposed to be able to specify between ad-hoc and infrastructure mode. For the life of me, I can not figure out where that is supposed to be at.

In LAN connection properties, Network type AFAIK.

Generally try:
In Vista Network and Sharing:

Network Discovery: ON (So it can see the other computers)
Network set to Private (Public is for hotspots, airports, etc)
File Sharing: ON
Public Folder Sharing: ON
Password Protected: OFF (unless you want to set up identical usernames and passwords on ALL computers in your Network).

24-07-08, 14:06
yes - those were all done

strange thing like i mentioned was that when i checked the ipconfig, it was getting an IP of a totally wrong type even though DHCP was on, and it could not identify the network - it said "unknown" even after "Connecting"

When i set it to static using the info from the other laptop on the network, it "connected" and identified the network name properly, but still was "local only". I even made sure to manually set a DNS server using the info from the other computer.

oddly enough.. ive managed to get the thing back online now. i started it up and it did not go online. So, i booted in safemode - completely deleted the driver, restored the autoruns of symantic, deleted some unfound files, and reinstalled the driver. Booted back up, and the thing connected properly. Not exactly sure what part of what i did was the fix. gonna play around some more and see what i all i can do with it without breaking it again. Im just hoping that this was not just a fluke kinda thing though. Weird that i turned the symantic autruns on, but the symantic icon is not in the tray like it used to be. Hmm.

edit2. seems that leaving symantic installed (although completely disabled) was indeed the cause of the problem. Gonna taker off there since the subscription is run up anyhow - no good to leave it on.

25-07-08, 11:50

http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/icons/icon13.gif for Symantec for sure!

25-07-08, 12:53
yeah.. i even had to go the symantic site and download their uninstaller since it locked up through the uninstaller provided with the product