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23-07-08, 23:41

I want to try my hand at making my own t-shirt designs because...well...I do lol. I decided the best way to go is to use Iron Transfer paper to transfer my designs.

Can you lovely forum folk give me some pointers on the best way to go about this? I never done anything like this before and it looks fun to try. :)

This is what I do have:

All in one printer- uses 6 cartridges so its inkjet I guess.
Hard Surface

This is what I still need to buy but I want to make sure I am serious before buying:

Plain T's. I know where I can get some cheapish tee's from anyway :)
Transfer paper



PS: I'll post some pics of the finished results when i'm done hehe.

just croft
23-07-08, 23:45
That is so cool! If seen an know many different ways to make your own personalised T-shirt (both with paints and really tailoring = my grandma is still makes clothes)

Anyway what I wanted to ask you is what is Iron Transfer paper? oh dahh silly me :s I know

Anyway I see you have it pretty much sorted out, the only thing I can adivise you of is to make put a unused piece of cloth under the part of the shirt you going to iron, to prevent the back of the T-shirt or your table to be ruined + wash, alone without other clothes, the T-shirt after you ironed it.

23-07-08, 23:51
I used Iron Transfer paper for making my own shirts a couple of times but it's just too dificult to get it perfect; for one you have to have a really good iron, and mine wasn't. Because if you don't press the transfer on the shirt at a sufficiently high temperature it won't stick and the results are terrible.

I did get one or two good ones and they still last, but eventually I just got tired of screwing up t-shirts so now I just take my designs and my own shirts to one of those print shops that does this, and for sure the result is a lot more professional... And cheap too.

24-07-08, 00:19
i would suggest screen printing your shirts. we had to learn to do it in college and it was easier than i thought it would be. of course, if you use a bunch of colors, it's going to get pretty complicated. so i guess it depends on what your designs look like.

check this page out:
see if it's something you'd be willing to try. the results will look SO much better than iron transfer. and from what Encore said, that sounds pretty difficult to do.

24-07-08, 02:53
I've made a ton of shirts with the transfer papers. I really suggest getting the ones for black shirts as opposed to the white ones. They tend to last longer and they're a lot easier to handle.

Screen printing does look a lot better but it's pretty complicated and time consuming.

Good luck, can't wait to see the finished product! :D

25-07-08, 00:08
Hi All. I designed my design i will try first: