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24-07-08, 12:23
Appreciate it if you guys could kindly help me out.

I have a webcam mounted on my PC laptop (Aspire 4920) but all it could do is taking pictures. There must be a software out there that could capture video form with audios aren't there? Sorry I'm not too familiar with such application.

24-07-08, 13:15
AmCap comes with Windows (as far as I know), which allows you to capture video from webcams. To open it, go to Start > Run > and type in 'AmCap'. If you don't have it, then you can download it from here (http://noeld.com/programs.asp?cat=video) (second link on that page). :wve:

24-07-08, 13:36
Thank you Jamie, I'll try running it on my pc later. :D