View Full Version : Something weird going my notifications.

25-07-08, 03:12
Hey everyone, There is something weird going on with my Notifications, it keeps saying that I have one unread visitor message, & there is no new messages. :confused: Does anyone know what the problem could be? :confused:

25-07-08, 03:30
I have the same problem! I have talked to Justin about this a month ago but still no news & that stupid "Your Notifications: 1" still doesn't want to disappear :hea:

25-07-08, 03:56
i had that a couple of days ago and it dissappeared this morning, i was so happy! haha :D

25-07-08, 04:48
that seems to happen if you refresh the page you are viewing (inbox/profile) or have it open in multiple tabs - ive got 2 perpetual new notifications myself.

25-07-08, 04:57
FAO: all having those "problems" - what browser do you have (what version)?

I recommend to flush the cache and update the browser and Java RE (http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp) to latest versions.

25-07-08, 12:10
^ I have IE6 and the notification is still showing for a month now.

EDIT: just installed the latest Java version (version 6, update 7) & still no change :(

25-07-08, 14:15
Same problems here, but I have 28 "unread" messages:p I use Opera and Firefox. Im updating sofware now though.

25-07-08, 16:17
Don't forget to flush the cache.

25-07-08, 16:17
Welcome to the exclusive club of ghost notifications. I got mine yesterday! :p

I think it's s server error on Justin's side Alex. I dumped the cache and cookies and it had no effect.

25-07-08, 16:33
^ It maybe anything, but I never got those :) I'll notify Justin though...

25-07-08, 17:21
^ Please do :)

I followed all the steps you suggested but nothing happened.

25-07-08, 18:45
I had 1 notification stuck for a couple of weeks, then it just vanished.

25-07-08, 18:49
its definitely not cache/cookie related - it does the same thing on all systems i use. it has to do with the database - and like i said, it happens from having the stuff open on multiple tabs and refreshing the page instead of following the link and keeping it in one tab (thats how it happened to me anyhow).

25-07-08, 19:38
^ Thats how I got all my unread notifications.

No effect fluching the cache and cookies.

Mine have literally just disapeared!:confused: After weeks of having it in bold they are gone in an instant!

tlr online
26-07-08, 13:42
It's a bug. Waiting for Jelsoft to fix it.

26-07-08, 14:30
Thank you, Justin :)

01-09-08, 12:00
Hey guys

Having the same problem with the notifications but I have a Mac and use safari.
Everythings all up to date, I've flushed out the cache and all that jazz, but its still there, its been there for like...over a month. Its starting to drive me nuts!

01-09-08, 12:04
^ It just means that last forum software update to version 3.7.3 hasn't fixed this issue... We need to wait for another update only :)

01-09-08, 12:14
Oh ok cool

Thanks I'll keep my eyes peeled for it :)